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Omnogov Travel on Yet even among the officially recognized festivals there seems to have been a distinction. Thucydides speaks of the more archaic Dionysia which were celebratedjn the spring month of Anthes-terion at the sanct^^of_Dionysos in the Marshes, and other evidence suggests both that more of the ancient licence was pre-serve3~onlMroccasi©n-ancLthatitiiad-impTessive connexions with the spirits^ofjhe deacL – Rohde went so far as to say that in these more archaic Dionysia Dionysos appeared just as he was in primitive belief, as the master of the souls, and there is much to support him;1 This celebration lasted three days, and its fully-, official character is most strikingly demonstrated by the-solemn ) marriage bet\^£en^th.e god and the wife of the King-Archon which formed a part of it. The magistrate (archon) who retained the ( title of King retained with it the religious functions which had j belonged to the vanished monarchy. The law demanded that his wife should be a citizen and a virgin when he married her, yet this carefully chosen consort of the official religious leader of the city had to go through (by what exact procedure we are not told) an annual ceremony representing her marriage and corporal union with Dionysos. This took place, Aristotle tells us, in a building which used to be the residence of the King and was now called the Bukolion (Ox-stall). The dread appearance of Dionysos as the mighty Bull was not forgotten. Omnogov Travel 2016.

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