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Among the numerous Christian monuments discovered in the last two decades at Callatis, some are significant for understanding some aspects of the socioeconomic panorama of the city at the time of the important development it underwent between the late 4th and late 6th c. Among these, particularly important is a tomb with a dromos corridor, found during an emergency excavation. Omaha Metro Map The tomb, built in small limestone blocks, comprises a room with vaulted ceiling: it is reached by a corridor, 3 m long, which descends by a series of stairs to at least a meter below ground level. There is a cross painted in red on each wall of the corridor and above the entrance to the room: in the latter position there is also a salvific inscription, also painted in red, which reads: Ku,rie boh,qe mou ke lutrw,te mou Lord help me and purify me.

Inside the room, a similar cross painted in red appears on each wall, but on the W wall there is also a second inscription: OU FOBHQˆOME KA + KURIE + KA OTI ˆU METEMOU I will not fear, Lord, because you are with me. The state of the monument at its finding gave evidence of at least two phases of usage; the second is attested by some interventions both in the corridor and in the room. To the first phase are attributed the burials in earthen graves in the corners of the room: in one of these graves was a precious gold reliquary. In the second phase, eight niches were opened in the walls of the room, the vault and walls were plastered, and the two inscriptions painted. Ceramics for domestic use accompanied the nine burials. A small bronze vase found in the room may have been used for illumination, since near it the plaster shows signs of soot.

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