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Previously on flying the nernst degrees that is where we are getting married this post we’re actually dedicating to our future kids very well you’re Hunter’s down this is not a clickbait title this is wanna speed this is true married scam. So today’s the day we’re dedicating napkin do that already guys today’s the day that we are getting legally married it’s like just a small event I mean we’re just blogging enough.

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Because of course we know you guys want to see it. But yet today that. Because there was a lot of complications, and a lot of money to get legally married in Greece. So we thought alysha’s come back to Perth, and we’ll just get legally married here have a little like event, and then you know people who couldn’t come to the wedding can come to this little small thing. So yeah it’s about the wedding today coffee delivery even on our wedding day is still drinking Nicole’s coffee by the way picked up one of these for travel little speaker it’s quite good since its these guys Sebastian, and it’s like hopefully like small enough that we can just chuck with us which is nice, and we always want to listen to music. But jess is cooking up a storm the last song was your dad cooking up the storm just why are you showing him the safety bottle women to have made the smooth scratch that sounds. So good anyway I better go set the table.

So I can actually help they didn’t make you the cheapskate rubbish team how many pancakes just made by the way these look. So good , I’m glad you enjoy it, I’ll give it to you now we can take some pictures already I was getting ready go on I feel like last time we got married didn’t show you guys like everything. So for this wedding, I’m gonna wear my same wedding pants at a wall which I actually got from top man. But top now it’s not in Australia anymore at least on Perth anymore. So, I’m sure you can pick these up then who’s in shirt I got my shoes from flossing my belt from standards brown belt these socks Heidi actually gave Jess as a present, and I was like I want these blue socks, I’m actually wearing Heidi’s present too just as my socks this is the engagement watch that Jess actually got me, and it has our engagement date engraved on the back to 16th of February 2018 which is actually four years ago yesterday which is kind of cool, and then this is the box with the original wedding date on there, and we’ve got our rings in there, and then this is Jessa’s dress I think she got it from shop over by the looks of it a Lovisa choker, and then she picked up her shoes I think from Famous Footwear, and then her hat from like a color which she loves finishing off the second most important lady of the day yeah even on my wedding day still showed me when to drive still got the indicator system corrected. Because your car is backwards, and the wipers is where the indicator should be all righty everybody excited to get married trust us the Perry’s to be lazy I think we’re meant to be there at 11:30 look at this little monster oh they. So cute, and you look pretty good yourself Ashley this is the wedding room it’s actually kind of nice for being like where you just go, and sign the papers they’ve done a pretty good job, and I trust him I asked the present to witness that I Steven Alexander Perry will take you to be my wedded spouse officially legally unmarried done in the thing it was so different like we’re so like yep doing this signer get it done.

But it’s still very nice sad we did it that way though rather than like in a courtroom yeah like the celebrant was super nice, and no extra money there if you want to get like anyway you know going off for a little lunch in Bali oh by the way come in the Sun we need a beautiful player dressed to look at you with the little Instagram your birthday is in December to go it’s a man doing a state for the reception it is very very movie, and they don’t take booking. So see how we go yeah. So they have like a main restaurant here you’ve got of course you’re like wineries it’s over there. But then this is the reason we’re here they have something called the lawn, and it’s like different tables, and you can just sit outside very Thais taken off he’s ready to party he’s mama told me a lot kind of jealous you got to wear undies to a wedding buddy oh yeah he’ll see it starting to develop a little Polaroid we decided that we are going to have a picnic we have some alcohol cheers everyone cheers it’s not a wedding without pizza I mean this is the best wedding reception just pizzas that which we all love on the thing thank you that’s me if, I’m trying to be healthy like let’s just shove some greens on the pizza all right ready you want to say hi to the post hi mr. Valentine heading down to get some photos it’s quite nice out here with the winery. But we’re gonna get everyone up here do a big family group shot thanks for being the ringbearer buddy we’ll see you later, and thanks for coming everybody something really cool that came in the post last week, and I’ve been holding off to give it to you you know that was insane we realized that like it’s such a different type of wedding to go to the courts, and sign something to the an actual day like was just like boom boom done sign out the door.

So, I’m so glad we did have some time to spend with our friends, and our family we managed to get some photos I feel like we didn’t post as much. But we did get a lot of also super interesting. So last night we decided to have our box in hand tonight. Because we haven’t had one I don’t know we did our parting years a long time ago. So the last thing we wanted was a proper box night. So the movies just arrived it up anything the clubs are busy tonight cut our shots for the night it might a great time in with Heidi, and you all right we’ve got our hens drinks ready I think it needs to be shaken up more maybe your instant ice we’re trying to get you gonna sleep except me wanna party you go do you want to party with us actually you wanted to read this just. Because I know what I’ve written.

Because it wasn’t that long okay people really like what’s the Sunita thing. So last year we went, and stayed at a hotel, and had this really cool thing where they had this like time capsule oh my god where’s God’s postcard. So what happens is you grab yourself a postcard write your message, and then post it, and they will give it to you in six months time since six months time you just will be married we don’t even know how the wedding would have gone. So this is gonna be a cool way to write a message, and see how we’re feeling six months later we would let you lie it’s been a yeah oh wow it’s been ages okay no we were here before earlier than July like this to me it was good year since you wrote this Wow I think it’s really cool, and I got this in the post like last week, and I know what I wrote. So that’s why I want to read it now it’s like a pre-wedding time capsule. So we weren’t married it was like coming up to our wedding I think our wedding was in a month’s time we wrote to each other. So this one’s okay do you know read should you read the one from me first to you okay okay look this is for you.

So that’s a little postcard dear Steven this postcard has taken six months to come into your hands I thought I’d better write something important dot dot PS Merry Christmas all right I knew was stupid I thought you wrote to my beautiful future wife Oh see you sad music what oh that feels super weird calling you my wife instead of girlfriend hope the wedding went exactly as we envisioned it did it yes good if not as long as we had fun smiley face her how kiss in front of everyone wasn’t as scary as he thought it would be okay cool is there you were super nervous about kissing in front of the biggest person PDA person like public displays of affection as you’ve probably seen on this blog you’ve probably seen us kiss never never twice what the wedding yeah a big PDA person, and I kissed, and I kissed your thumb, and the other post you guys better enjoy that affection that we owe the ending what I hope you plan something fun for my birthday you did nothing for my birthday we want a bus in South America. But like 24 hours, and then you I love you forever hey mr. Steven Perry all right also something that we realized that today we don’t really excited about photos. Because we never have all those people that were there or together on time. So we’re taking. So many photos, and I realized Steve, and I didn’t take one single photo of us together instead you went, and took a bajillion photos like that man is to do any photos together today of just the two of us. So we decided it’s about to some just don’t look.

So we’re taking Cleo down to the beach we’re forcing her to be our camera lady, and we’re going to take some legal wedding day photos the beach which has nothing to do with the bad guys just finished a beautiful photo shoot here the Sun is just setting. So beautiful I have to put some more photos up for you I feel like this blog is just full of fire doors guys we’re deciding. So we want to go on a second honeymoon. Because we don’t travel enough as it is so yeah we’re thinking you know what gotta have a legal honeymoon. So picked up a little brochure I think we might we might have a little cheeky Europe trip for our honeymoon what do you think of Jess do we do it do have a honeymoon yes the guys are new around here, and you’re just tuning in make sure you hit comment. Because we have a lot of fun adventures planned even if my hair is an octopus you found somewhere let’s go there for our honeymoon.

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