Oasis in Peru Huacachina Nazca Lines

Hello guys welcome to the first South America post we had a very long series for you, and we are starting it at an oasis in Peru. But before we tell you more about this let’s rewind to this morning. Because we’ve had a bit of a bit of a day.

Oasis in Peru Huacachina Nazca Lines Photo Gallery

So far welcome to paratus everybody this is our first stop of the day we are about three, and a half hours south of Lima, and we’re gonna go on a boat feces of pigments that’s like a cactus carved in the side of the cliff side over there my there are thousands of penguins just there like you see, I’ll zoom out this island is huge, and then it just looks like black mysteriously can’t get over all these penguins up here it looks like sprinkles on top of a donut seriously this is seriously in guys the probability of us getting pooped on right now is like. So we got here with a company called Peru hop if you were interested, and the reason we know about this company is. Because of a crazy person in Japan that recommended it to us it was this guy welcome to a huacachina oasis literally in the in the middle of nowhere there’s just sand dunes surrounding this place like look this is a good first spot oh yeah we need to show you the proper way of showing off an oasis in the middle of the desert she is for our first property in South America if there are any kids reading close your eyes this is where we’re having if oh man this is gonna be fun buckle up we’ve all just stopped the June buggies for a bit of a chill session that was one crazy roller coaster, and especially being right in the front seat guys if you’re ever gonna come sand boarding don’t wear a dress. Because, I’m pretty sure everyone in this tour has officially seen my butt did you die not a way to end the day how amazing is this key it’s in the first proper day in South America that is so cool that place. So actually spending the night, and Walker Tina, and I thought I’d show you where we’re staying it’s called Cassidy arena, and it has a pool, and tonight we’re going to be having a barbecue dinner just in there, and then the rooms look like this, and it’s only ten US dollars a night very very cheap it’s included in the tour. But if you guys wanted to come here we even have our own bathroom Hey everybody how you guys doing it’s the next day we’ve woken up nice, and early.

Because we’re going to find a breakfast spot fill up our tummies cuz we’ve got a bit of in another adventure this this morning, and we’ll talk about that bit later. But is like this missed point through the Oasis at the moon it kinda looks cool I set my drone up, and it got a good view. But it looks like I don’t very Yuri at the moment, and there’s so much moisture in the air that it feels like it’s raining a little bit also at one point on this trip we need to ride in these little rickshaws starting our day with coffee all righty guys, I’m very excited right now if you didn’t know, I’m the biggest sucker of conspiracy theories, and we’ve just driven two hours out of AA Kachina to a place could nazca to go into a cessna fly in the sky above these amazing ancient markings on the floor now a lot of people aren’t sure why they are there. But my favourite conspiracy theory is that they’re they’re from ancient aliens, and yes I’ve watched the show ancient aliens it is amazing. So make you see even going to Cessna right now to see only plausible reason why like some of these markings are 19 meters the best yeah that is the only way to see it is via Cessna, and that’s what we’re doing right now. So we’ve just arrived if it’s at this tiny Airport, and there’s just a bunch of companies you can go with, and we are currently waiting to get onto our flight a nervous have you ever been in a Cessna yes, I’m nervous for the Cessna bit McCarley playing like a little documentary all about them they haven’t mentioned ancient aliens yet which is weird he thought of yeah feel so much more real when you’re walking on the strip this is our plane that’s gonna be showing us the lines I was so moved by the ancient alien lines who camp it in your little gift that was so special seeing those that was absolutely insane guys we are back in waka waka Tina vaca Gina you don’t realize how big Peru is like we’ve been driving a lot it was four hours to get here, and then two hours here to nazca to break up the trip we are back in huacachina for the afternoon, and we realized that we didn’t show it off to you yesterday. So yeah this is it it’s pretty much like an oasis with restaurants, and hotels, and bars, I’m sure it’s like pretty touristy. But I think it’s worth coming here, and you just have a look you got the Oasis. But there, and that towers over everything that Sandrine once as always the camera is doing at zero justice that thing is huge apparently these are the biggest sand dunes in South America, and I think I can see why like they are just towering over, and I see some people walking up to it, and I just had lunch, I’m not walking interest there’s some people just listening to music enjoying some good food, and you can see the bars just over here it’s literally like just two streets that just go around it it’s super small, I’m actually kind of glad I feel like it could be bigger with tourism I don’t know if they like they stop them from building more hotels or maybe they aren’t they peaked with the tourism. But it’s really small which is which is good it adds to that field South America you are off to a good start.

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