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Nurestan Travel on The Great Mother not only bears the crops for the husbandman, but also the flocks and herds for pastoral peoples and even the wild creatures whose abundance is necessary for men at a still earlier stage of culture, who live by hunting and fishing. She may 1 Cf. the remark in the Menexenos of Plato (238a): ov yap yrj yvvaixa fK^C^rjrai tcvyoti Kal y‚vvrjo‚t, aAAa ywv) yrjv. in fact be one of the oldest religious representations of all, and her presence an indication that the idea of personal divinity has been in man’s mind for as long as we can trace his history, and at least as long as belief in the efficacy of magic or in a vague animism, such as have often been thought to precede the religious conception of deity. This is indeed the case if there is anything in the attractive suggestion of Professor Cook1 for explaining the remarkable series of cave-paintings in Spain and Southern France. These paintings, which belong to palaeolithic times, represent, as is well known, the animals most hunted by man. They have generally been thought to have a practical, that is a magical, purpose, and much perplexity has been caused by the fact that they are depicted in the innermost, most inaccessible and darkest parts of the caves. Nurestan Travel 2016.

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