Nude Beach in Australia

Hey everybody how you guys doing hope you don’t have too full bellies after Christmas, and Boxing Day. Because we certainly do we’ve decided to go on a bit of a day trip outside of Cannes we’re heading to fitzroy island which is just off the coast of cannes you can go have some fun going to go snorkeling do some water activities have a pretty good day are you doing bob’s get good excited mm-hmm, and this is like the kind of wharf area this is where a lot of like boats, and yachts are kind of moored, and then we’re just gonna go ahead to the terminal wanna need boats won’t fit through island everyone we’ve just arrived cannot wait to before this island is so beautiful the water is green turquoise the beach it’s all made with like dead coral this is so pretty guys we totally didn’t realize that you could stay on the island look at this resort it’s right there ocean is right there good thing we did our research if you guys are coming to Pizza ROI highly suggest you check it out.

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Because it’d be. So cool to stay the night our ferry does leave at 4:00. So you do get full day experience. But I just realized my stomach just grumbled we skip breakfast, and we didn’t pack lunch we’re gonna go try find a cafe or a bar I think there’s one just in front of us think of course they do hot food. Because, I’m craving some hot chips that’s our go-to when it’s hot I don’t know about you guys some people microwave ice cream. But that’s that’s out hot chips an aioli oh I found a place. But did you know there was a nudie Beach Oh oh my goodness, I’m so full after lunch I swear like if you have your one meal a day it just your whole body just goes into like over what we’re currently walking through like a bit of a rainforest at the moment we’re going to find a beach a beach with a very naughty name, and I’ve heard that some beautiful photo is at this beach is like a really crystal clear water, and a lot of people who just come here on their own boat like two more over there.

So it could be a good spot go on a bit off the beaten track yeah. But I think it’s going to give you guys an incredible view yes this is nudie Beach, and I just realized how bad it looks me posting it from back here. But they just call it nudie Beach no one’s nude. But maybe back in the day it was. But this is the most beautiful beach on the island it’s like hidden away it’s about a 20 minute walk from welcome Bay that’s so nice, and that’s the boat I was telling you guys about I think some people actually sleeping on there, and they got the little flamingos, and then they’ve just come parked, and then these people are just enjoying the day I have to admit that would be really fun just to like sail like a few days or like a week just travel to different islands Jess you meant to be doing the opposite at this Beach oh no I won’t let you out my side then I guys fitzroy island is so beautiful look at this yeah I just went for a dip in the water, and it is it’s so warm Stephen Fisk in love in the aerial shots there’s a distance between eyes it’s getting hard to reach out haven’t seen you in season for all I hear is your home my limits you can break me down back, I’ll stay to the finish line, and zapping counts it for quite some time hi guys first up with any cans for a week, and a half, and we haven’t shown you the Great Barrier Reef yet this is the Fitzroy reef which is part of the Great Barrier Reef, and hopefully they find some turtles for you also got my anti stinger wetsuit on my lens you can break me down down it’s for quite some time now again, and I been counting I feel like I’ve lost yes as soon as we finished our swim we were meant to meet up at the starting place. But she could have gone to the end she could be having a snooze which is perfectly fine.

Because we are in a tropical island or she could be taking too many selfies all she ran away just as I checked out. So I need to go try fine Jess also this family has sorted with the umbrella, and table in it the swim was amazing by the way when it was underneath, and looking at all the coral a lot of the fish like to eat the coral. So it sounds like that alfe chocolate that you put into your mouth, and then it’s like makes the fuzzy noises that’s what it sounded like under the water I saw some amazing beautiful fish hopefully I got it on the GoPro. Because sometimes I can be reading, and then by the time I switch it on it disappears. But there was such a beautiful swim this fitzroy island is been such a relaxing day I finally found Jessa’s spot, and she was swimming in the water the whole time I must have just like walked past her, and not noticed guys we only have half an hour until the boat leaves, and we have to head back. So we found this little spot to relax for the last half an hour it is so beautiful we are looking out over nudie Beach steve has found a little spot for time-lapse I love the Roxy, and the emerald colored water is so beautiful, and then there’s people swimming out there looks like we’re going to get a storm. But luckily we missed it it was so hot today. So uh we were lucky with the weather it looks like here in Kansas see the stormy in the morning in the afternoon. But in the middle of the day it’s always. So beautiful which I love. But this is such a nice way to end 2018, I’m feeling very relaxed, and refreshed we have like five minutes before the boat leaves.

But I realized there’s a trampoline over there totally worth it for the one bounce seriously guys I have no idea where the time went is like for 30 upload is just about to leave. So I better jump on. But there was such an amazing day we actually came through experience oz if you guys were interested in coming to fitzroy island which i highly suggesting i do, I’ll leave a link to the descriptions of the tour we did below. So you guys can check it out. But I feel like I am so sunburned Hey guys we have big huge news we have officially found the Australian equivalent of Tim Hortons yes you’ve heard it here first are you guys ready for this we have found 80 cent coffee that actually tastes okay I know right we are here at Cole’s petrol station, and they have this new coffee machine then we’re in the car how short is their things anyway let’s go get a coffee we’re on coffee duty Stephen you are on petrol duty alright guys we didn’t have much plan today. So we’ve decided is to jump in the car drive, and see where the road takes us.

So we’ve headed south of Cairns. Because we haven’t really explored there that much and, I’m just going to pretty much look out for spots stop, and just see what there is we were just driving on the road, and we saw this incredible tea farm I don’t know what you call it tea growing place, and right on the side of the road you can just buy tea it’s four dollars, and then you just pop it in the little in the little jar it is so I know it is so beautiful Wow Oh to this place we just turned off the bin der boulders this is kind of cool it’s like a natural swimming hole I assume you’re the boulders re guys we off to bed we have some very exciting plans tomorrow I cannot wait good night, I’m very excited see you tomorrow guys night guys I love a waste time you said to me.

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