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Novosibirskaya Travel on Instead, I believe that opposition to free trade rests upon errors, or, if you prefer, upon half-truths, Bastiat explains. According to Bastiat, then, the primary reason for protectionism and other wealth-reducing policies is not the machinations of special interests, but democracy’s tendency to heed public opinion—right or wrong. Modern research suggests that this simple explanation has much to recommend it. BIBLIOGRAPHY. Frédéric Bastiat, Economic Sophisms (The Foundation for Economic Education, 1964). Frédéric Bastiat, Selected Essays on Political Economy (The Foundation for Economic Education, 1964). Bryan Caplan, Systematically Biased Beliefs About Economics: Robust Evidence of Judgmental Anomalies from the Survey of Americans and Economists on the Economy, Economic Journal (v. Novosibirskaya Travel 2016.

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