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Novo Mesto Travel on The immutability of species, like the eternity of the world is for him an accepted faJt. The progress of which he speaks is only that of the individual from birth to maturity, within the limits of its specific form. and hence of motion, in nature, laid Aristotle under the obligation of answering those who, like Parmenides, had denied the possibility of motion. The dilemma of Parmenides was as much as anything a result of the immaturity of logic and language in his day, and the way of escape from it had already been pointed out by Plato. As Aristotle paraphrased it, it ran as follows: There is no such thing as becoming, since neither will that which is become (for it already is), nor can anything come to be out of what is not. Plato had already shown that this dilemma depends for its effectiveness on the inability to realize that the verb to be is used with two quite different meanings, i.e. Novo Mesto Travel 2016.

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