Hey guys morning I’ve just noticed at 7:30 a.m. and look how dark it is are you ready look at this it was hard to get up just.

Because it was so dark outside yes it’s currently soon 30 ready to go. But before we go out today we are gonna go down, and have some breakfast, and then we are off on a tour around the not Sudan we are working actually with a company called fat bike tours, and they’re gonna be showing us around Paris the whole time we’re here which is awesome. So many things planned with them. But on today’s agenda is not Redang, and then tonight we’re going back out with them on a night tour of Paris via bikes which will be fun are you ready to get your cycle on yeah should be a good way to see Paris good night I think this city’s only huge to see all the sights alike will be other cycle, and the pressure is pretty flat yeah. So alright that’s a pretty good way to see hurry yes we’re gonna go down, and have some breakfast ooh chocolate croissants in front of this YUM how amazing is that croissant gosh that croissant is like the best fish I’ve ever tried in my life they had optional food they look. So loving oh my gosh this is not her this is not your I see that the Sun is finally coming up, and it’s like quarter past 8:00, and we have to check out.


But Wow. So beautiful this area just before we left the hotel I just want to show you guys how nice it is in the balcony in the daytime. Because we arrive too late at night. But it is so beautiful nothing like a bit of French music to take us on our train ride oh sorry guys we we mix it up we’re doing upcycling tour later on. But this is a walking tour, and we just had first to justice, and probably say no totally won. But this beautiful building was apparently a prison, and it was like you know tortures taking place here, and this is where they kept everyone before they went to the guillotine, and of course one of the biggest people that stayed here at the prison was Marie Antoinette before she had her cut off.

But we are going to go inside now which is really cool, and it’s kind of funny. Because me, and Cleo we love the Assassin’s Creed games, and the last one was set in Paris, and we walked up, and was like I remember going in here which is strange like different types of media forms like can get you excited for travel, and and we’re about to go into a chapel for that was built for Louie the ninth, and it was built in the 13th century, and most of the stained glass windows is still from that time. So very cool hell of all buildings public this really took six years to build, and this is pretty much st. Louis jewelry literally it’s just to store his possessions is like religious possessions if we really fired up people we’ve just come to the top floor, and it is amazing there are stained glass windows it’s found all room, and they tell the story of the Bible. So starting up here this here is Genesis, and it goes right around all the way to the apocalypse how incredible is that stained glass they said like 70 % of it is original guys we are now walking to the not true DOM, and it is incredible we’re about to walk up 440 stairs to get to the top, I’m guessing the top is it’s so many stairs. But I’ve always wanted to see this building, and it’s so cool to see in real life British cross leaking water up there no cigars, and see if he’s up there this building is 850 years old, and it took 200 years to build, and it looks like a lot of people also want to visit today those think it’s the most visited building in front of 14 million year ready to have the Eiffel Tower I have no idea that would be the most fun yeah ready to go in, I’m not ready to climb climb 476 is you say it was 440. But still that’s a lot of fish door just hearing all the stories about some of the statues are just.

So fascinating like for example this one here just one of the many statutes Saint Denis was decapitated. So they’ve shown that on here look at all of this parts of work right here, and I wonder it took 200 years. So this is the book that really popularized not chewed on of course probably everyone knows it from the movie let me could I buy it from you, I’m gonna say you’ve got your copy from Norton aha next level that looks. So beautiful Conway to get to the top nearly there almost halfway wow that view is amazing apparently this mesh is like three weeks old, and was just put up. Because of selfie sticks it’s our first time seeing the Eiffel Tower we can see a little bit in the distance just take me to the big Bell I do not want to be in here when they go off can’t believe we’re here at the top of Notre Dame, and the bells are just here luckily it’s not on the hour otherwise I’d be in, and athletes. But we’re still not at the top yet I think we’re about halfway then we’re gonna walk up halfway or two-thirds off, I’m gonna be right at the top, and apparently that’s where all the panoramic views are ready for the final accenture last set of stairs wow these are beautiful sorry nice. So down now now, and I think this is gonna be dizzy we were all way in the bottom 440 steps yes you made it that was such an incredible experience, I’m so glad we got to do that highly recommended if you here in Paris okay after all those steps we are super hungry.

So we just happened to stumble upon a subway ride across the motor DOM, and you guys know that that is our go to cheat meal when we are traveling, and don’t have a grocery store nearby. So we’re gonna grab a subway probably the subway with the most beautiful view we are yes yes that won’t happen if you’ve not read our, and then after that we actually moving hotels, and then we have another tour tonight which is a themed cycling tour this time cycling’s were at night even the roundabouts in Paris are works of art. So yeah we have just checked it out of our hotel we were staying there for just the one night. But we are not change you to another hotel. So you can see a different part of Paris. So yeah we’re just heading there very much name company conduct. So we just checked into our hotel, and we just waiting for up you had a bit of froth on you.

So just where you pull our room to get ready, and we’re just having our favourite stuff, and then we’ll guys show you cute little planner oh that’s cute okay this looks nice oh this is our room nice bed there I love the views here in Paris there is so pretty hang on let’s see out of you yet how cute are the buildings are we have like a little Terrace thing I wonder if I can open this I have to work that out, and then I can show you guys outside I have to get Steven to help me. But how cute is that view thank you oh we have like the fireplace Stevens just downstairs he was just doing things on his laptop financee stuff, and oh they’re going to come up, and see the room it’s ready. So um I’ve come up here we stay in a place called the grandpa girl I think that’s how you pronounce it OPA golly grandpa girl or grandma Carly here in France for the night here she is in me there we go grandpa galore breath grandpa golly write down the comments below how do I say it. Because I am shopping at French really shocking oh my goodness are we ready for a rest we like. Because yesterday we were on the bus for. So long screaming back.

So late, and had to wake up early today for our tour. So we’re glad we could check in, and we’re gonna rest now ready for our night time to us. So things starts at 7:00, and it’s currently around 3:00. So we do have a couple of hours of rest time which is perfect. But yes. So castle just relaxed up here, and wait for Steven, and try, and work out how to open up my door hey I want to see the view up there oh oh oh wait about yeah, and if I can stand on scary how pretty is this oh my goodness very cool beautiful we’re now off on our second tour with that bike tires this time we’re going to be cycling, and we’re gonna cycle around the Eiffel Tower which is really exciting we haven’t seen yeah. So you should get some beautiful nights my shots, and scenery for you guys.

Because we’ve heard that the Eiffel Tower looks the best at night still figuring it out do we need to remember that’s into the line away going to gorge the fit to the end of the line, and right now we are just meeting that with up to a group, and we saw the Eiffel Tower through the train window it was very quick. So we didn’t catch it in time to post. But, I’m guessing this is Eiffel Tower tonight and, I’m hoping is all shiny still let’s see Napoleon alrighty guys are at the bike shop now, and we’re just putting on some of this. Because we want to be extra fashionable tonight all right what as you can see then you go, and do your spin there we go ready for our bike tour know what we’re seeing we’re seeing the loo oh it’s kind of saying it with a French accent. So I don’t know what we keep getting quick glimpses of the tower that’s how you get at the Eiffel Tower will give you a bit more later on all right. So we’re just trying down this Boulevard Tolga I said it in a very French accent. So I didn’t catch any of it.

But when the 77 district which is quite a posh area, and we’re actually cite me all the way to not you’re down remember that place when out the love lock bridge. But as you see they’ve had to cut most of the locks off. Because the bridge was starting to give way. But they have that stuck around the core yeah. So you can’t really put them up anymore. So it’s illegal to put it up now yeah it’s illegal who’s on the bridge was giving away is gonna collapse. So another little thing even though we’re walking here on the true love love lock bridge does a tongue twister in front of us is the Louvre pyramid entrances on the other side will show you cycling into the Louvre off to see the Mona Lisa through the loop up we are actually cycling into the Louvre right now whoa this is amazing now it gets you on a river cruise, and there are some towels wrapped behind us it’s just.

So nice I think this is how they end the night we’ve got some wine going on a ferry along the river that’s a French wine we’re going to look at the Aqua tile from the river it should be good costume towel right now it’s one of those moments, and then just like just like wow oh yeah you actually right in front of the yeah yeah it’s like a the best foot in the two are again it’s that 11 o’clock at night it is beautiful I love he’s like my favorite tower that was so much fun little bit tight though it’s like quarter to twelve, and we’ve probably got another half now to get back to our hotel room very very long I apologize for the length of it. But you got to see a lot of Paris yeah I hope you guys enjoyed that I think. So yeah Eddie. So if you know guys, and we’ll see tomorrow we’re going to yep the person mr. surfacer did you tied to talk yeah that should be pretty cool bye guys.

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