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Hi guys before it starts a post today I just wanted to say a quick thank you for 100,000 commentrs, I’m just still kind of I don’t know it’s a little surreal for me I remember just a year ago I was so excited to hit 1000 commentrs, and 100,000 is just wow. So thank you guys so much thank you for reading my adventure the post today is going to be about the town of May show which is a pretty small town about five hours outside of Shenzhen I was randomly kind of last-minute invited there by a friend of mine, and that is her hometown. So of course I said why not let’s go something that was really cool about my show is that it is not to receive whatsoever at all most of the people there had never seen a foreigner before had never heard of York Miami where, I’m from a few of them in heard of London it’s just pretty cool to get away from my own culture, and experience someone else’s in a very you know just ordinary everyday life kind of way it was just a really good feeling being there, and yeah here is the first of my majo posts hope you guys enjoy, and thank you thank you so much again for 100,000 olivio is here to say hello. But he’s not going with me I will go on the next trip though, I’ll take the next one are you sure yeah I don’t think your palm right well, I’m probably gonna go to Shanghai or Beijing you’re coming no mulch on high note in Beijing click the metro, and now, I’m a super tiny bus stop I got my ticket on our way this is my friend we have gotten into the town sorry that the club is dark.

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But it is night now the bus was supposed to take like 4 hours. But we for some reason about the slowest bus driver it actually ended up taking over 5 hours. So we got in really late well hello fancy you’re looking good today here thank you. So Jessie said let’s just go walk around okay, and then she brings me up to the top of this mountain look it’s really pretty. But I just wasn’t prepared, and I am dying I don’t know what this is I don’t know. But I felt like I was going to throw up I think it’s the heat, and humidity as well. Because it’s so hot, and humid it’s insane, and it’s only like 9:00 in the morning.

So I feel like, I’m dying beautiful views up here even though I almost fainted on the way up now we are in a taxi driving to fancies grandfather’s man this is fancies cousin quinoa’s Oh cute he’s so cute fancy, and I are downtown in may show, and we’re going to walk around a little bit pensee, and i are walking now on this street that has all of these trees, and then it’s really busy, and with all these really colorful shops like sewing by inch engine the motorbikes aren’t allowed. Because it’s such a big city. But here they’re just all over, and I love it I think that it just has. But I just have a lot of character, I’m loving it people are probably reading me posts like normal stuff like that is really cool Hey guys it is my second morning waking up here in May show I am staying at fancies house morning Jesse, and she lives kind of outside the town, and there’s all of this farmland here, and it is so green, and gorgeous, and peaceful woke up this morning to roosters crowing, and birds singing right now we are going to we’re going to be pissed, and we’ll missing Sally sounds very intriguing Patty, and I are having breakfast, and right beautiful, and and it is so good especially the Middle’s I love them we’re biased Street where all these pipes are going by we have arrived in missing Valley, and we’re walking to it now. Because no cars are allowed there is just endless green rice fields here, and here’s some wild flowers it is so green, and lush here more. So even than other places I’ve seen in China yeah we’re here with some most refuse friends. But they’re shy to be in the post all those bugs are so mad they sound like an alarm oh yeah the bees bug sound like a fire alarm. But it’s just not in good condition all right to the next waterfall tough shot to the second waterfall or almost you’re going down there or gorgeous height these stairs leading past all of these different waterfalls, and rivers are so so beautiful I look at the table of mushroom mushroom table yeah these are definitely real the biggest waterfall we’ve seen yet, and it is so so tall there’s actually one tree at the very top to standing there it is so just egg nificent, and there’s a breeze coming from it, and little drops of water even from all the way over here. So I guess once we get over there Cindy getting us a little wet like a skyscraper waterfall just being the last waterfall it’s suddenly gotten very dark, and looks like it’s going storm though.

So we are hurrying back, and hopefully it’s not going to be big thunderstorm on us oh look at this moment it’s completely covered in moss this is one of the last places that there are just clouded leopards running around wild, and actually even the Park Rangers have never actually seen them. Because they are so elusive, and shy, and get it hiding. So you’ll never see them. But they’ve seen their footprints, and they have caught them on cameras that they’ve set up in the woods. So in these mountains there are actually clouded leopards pretty cool even though of course we didn’t see any we have left the missing valley, and we’re just walking through all farmland right now rice fields we’re going to go to a restaurant that is here that fancy says she’s been to before they use the water from the valley where we just were to make the food, and it’s supposed to give it this extra sweetness. So it’s not really a restaurant it’s more like a little woman’s house, and don’t you just yelled at us to go wash our hands before we eat all the food just finish the meal food is so good.

So what I have been eating for the last few days here, and may show is Hakka food to beam a lot of garlic salt ginger as were sitting here. But if a woman is going by. Because linking that own small place just a more fresh vegetables for her kitchen like carrying the back dripping wet in his honor the lady just kingdoms the sooner we eat. So first you’re like yeah spencey has brought me to a temple it looks. So cool she goes on all the way this is the courtyard of the temple just come out of that area of the temple, and now we come out of there, and right in front of me is this huge enormous temple even bigger than the other parts well the temple was rather amazing we got here right as it was closing, and all of the monks seem to have left waiting for our taxi which is actually here right now let’s go.

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