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Carlsberg beer $8.50, or served in souvenir plastic mug $11.75; Bud Light $6.00, or served in souvenir plastic mug $9.75; wine $5.50-$8.00, Linie Aquavit Glacier Shot $9.00, Voss Artesian Water $3.25, chips $3.00, bottle strap $3.75, empty souvenir mug $5.00. Attractions, Entertainment & Events Food & Wine Festival There is no booth located in Norway. Flower & Garden Festival During this festival, a Troll topiary is added to the planting area at the front of the pavilion. Holidays Around the World Sigrid the storyteller and Julenissen make appearances several times throughout the day and early evening. Learn about a Christmas gnome named Julenissen who lives near families in the countryside of Norway. Julenissen is considered to be the family’s guardian and the children honor him by leaving a special bowl of porridge in the barn to thank him for watching over them all year. Sigrid tells us that the animals on the farm are also treated to fine oats and barley on Christmas Eve. In Norway, Christmas is celebrated for three days. There is a special holiday treat available at the Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe: Rice Cream. Character Meet and Greets You can meet an array of princesses and have your photo taken with them if you dine in Akershus for Disney Princess Storybook Dining. Cast Member Costumes The costumes are based on traditional folk-wear called a bunad. The Disney versions are not quite as decorative as official bunads, due to the need to wash them often. There is a National Bunad Council that judges whether a design can be called a bunad; if it doesn’t pass the tests, than it is referred to as a festive costume. Traditionally, the women’s dresses are made of wool, the blouse is either linen or cotton, shawls and aprons are wool or silk. The women normally carry a purse as part of the costume that matches her dress in material, color, and embroidery. Inside she would carry a Bible. The men’s pants are made from hodden, which is wool that was pressed into shape rather than woven and constructed. The men’s shirts are also linen or cotton. Woolen stockings once were a must for both men and women, but today normally just the men wear them. Other Information The Kidcot Fun Stop is in the Puffin’s Roost. There are restrooms (standard, companion, and a service animal relief area) located to the left side of the pavilion, just behind the patio area of the Kringla Bakeri. There is a smoking section between Norway and China. Norway has a Memory Maker sales center.

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... Beer Review, Canada Cart Adds Apple Ephemere, Norway Replaces Bud with

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... Beer Review, Canada Cart Adds Apple Ephemere, Norway Replaces Bud with

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