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The doctrine of the true prophet is the nucleus of the so-called Preachings of Peter against Simon Magus. This doctrine is already referred to in the Letter of Peter to James of Jerusalem. The preachings were sent to James by Clement, who had accompanied Peter in his travels and was ordained bishop of Rome by the apostle himself, who was near death. Together with Peter’s letter, Clement’s Letter to James constitutes the introduction to the Homilies, which expounds how Scripture must be used for its adequate interpretation Drijvers, 314 the sole objective of the doctrine of the true Prophet. God gives the Spirit of Christ to Adam, who was thus in fact identical to Christ, the true Prophet.

From the beginning of the world, humanity receives a continual prophecy, which reveals itself in various forms and under other names besides Adam and Christ, including, prominently, Moses Drijvers, 315. But false prophecy always appears before the true. This doctrine is the author’s antiheretical construction to refute the Marcionism prevalent in Syria Drijvers, 318. The author of G offers some explanations to reconcile the apparent contradictions in Scripture regarding the existence of opposites in creation, which both true and false prophecies attest.

The fulfillment of false doctrine is predicted and foreknown by God, but people must recognize the right way based on a correct use of Scripture, so as to distinguish true doctrine from false and to follow a right interpretation Drijvers, 320. The two letters are the introduction most appropriate to G as an anti-Marcionite treatise. G was probably called the Periodoi Petrou Origen, Philoc. 23. The same title is given by Epiphanius Panarion 30,15.1-3, who mistakenly considers it an Ebionite work. It therefore seems unlikely that a work titled Kerygma Petrou, identifiable as the source of G Periodoi Petrou, would have had an autonomous existence.

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