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Nonthaburi Travel on body through exercise and activities that might mitigate exposure to risk) or juggling positions in the precarious labor market. As Mar- azzi observes, fixed capital, if it disappears in its material and fixed form, reappears in the mobile and fluid form of the living (Marazzi 2005,111). The intensification of labor described here runs parallel in so-called Western advanced capitalist societies to processes of diversification that challenged the hegemony of a specificallyhomogeneous figure”that is, the industrial worker”over the entirety of dependent labor. While labor is talcing on more and more social characteristics, due to the intensification of cooperation and to the role increasingly played by common powers such as knowledge and language as basis of production, subjective labor positions are multiplied both from the point of view of tasks and skills and from the point of view of legal conditions and statuses. No longer is it possible to claim, as Emile Durlcheim so influentially argued in the late nineteenth century, that the division of labor increases solidarity and the cohesion of human groups into social unities. As labor is increasingly socialized, relations of social solidarity have themselves become more fluid. Rather than assuming that society is a whole that labor divides, it is necessary to track the differences, inconsistencies, and multiplicities that invest the field of labor and in turn fragment the organic notion of society. Nonthaburi Travel 2016.

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