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Niue Country on .. l do not want to go to the bottom of things. l want to consider reality as something rough and crude over which l let my fingers play. Nothing more (quoted in Hay, 143). Wel!, So What? What difference does it make that Nostromo is a virtual reality, like a Bach fugue, as Said says, in which complex internaI relationships are alI-important, and in which the straightforward referential function of language is suspended? This does not mean we should not learn aIl we can about Conrad’s sources, or contexts, or about what Benita Parry caIls the historical, political, and ideological materials of Nostromo. lO Robert Hampson’s recent Conrad’s Colonial (Non)Community: Nostromo 151 discussion of Nostromo is exemplary in doing this. Niue Country 2016.

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