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Filipinas are an exotic combo of both Oriental and Spanish descent, with gorgeous long black hair, tight little bodies and beautiful dark bronze skin. While intelligent, confident and friendly, the residents are famously poor and are dealt a lousy hand in life. There are many local girls desperate for an American boyfriend or husband. Very often the locals are more than happy to go out for short time dates, just as long as you keep the payment terminology expressed in the terms helping her out, or simply saying you’d like her company and will take care of her. They still have a lot of pride. It’s probably the best situation, because they’re sweethearts and squeaky clean, and for the most part honest… well as honest as you can expect of a woman.

Hardened pros or overweight girls are nonexistent. The Filipinas girls all have permanent smiles, that innocent girl next-door look, and are very anxious to get naked with you. Don’t be a prude, help them out. The Philippines is Americanized and most speak English. The rates are cheap, as the average monthly salary in the Philippines is $80 American. Hell, my bar tab last night was higher than that.

In Angeles City, you have some 100 bars all in a row in the red light district. All good things point you to Fields Avenue, with about 9 side streets containing clubs connected to it. It’s orgy central for every man in the world. Regardless of your age, weight, appearance, wealth, or social skills, you can have as many young good looking girls as you want, 24 hours a day. Whether a regular bar or strip club, all the girls including waitresses are available for take out, with bar fines of around lOOOp ($18), which the girls split with the clubs. Payment is made to the mamasan in the club. A small tip for good service is appreciated, but not mandatory. There is some pressure to buy “lady drinks”, which the girls make $ on, but not too bad. There are so many bars you will run out of time on your vacation before you hit them all. Each one is packed with 18-year-old girls begging for you. Some clubs have over 50 girls in various bikini or schoolgirl outfits. Pretend you’re the evil principal.

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Remember that the clubs constantly change girls, names, owners and reputations. What is lousy one afternoon could be the best another evening. Unlike most strip clubs around the world, the girls dance in groups of 5 to 10 at a time, and a new group appears every 30 minutes. Be patient with each place you enter. The girls outnumber the men 10 to 1, but a girl doesn’t have to leave with you. So make sure she likes you first, then be smooth, buy her a drink, loosen her up first and make your move. A little compliment and attention goes a long way here. She may end up giving you a reason not to take her, and all you’ve lost is a drink. (100-150P).

First stop, try The Blue Nile. An exceptionally elaborate club, meticulously designed, where no expense was spared in creation. Interior design is in Egyptian motif, with mummies and golf leaf. The lighting system consists of some 400 spotlights, smoke machines and special effects, with an equally amazing sound system. Many feel it is the premier club in Asia in this aspect. A bevy of hot young dancers in their matching schoolgirl outfits with thigh high boots, appear on a two-tier stage, powered by a hydraulic system which rises 10 feet in the air, with 20 go-go dancers on the top tier and another 20 down below. Like many clubs, this is not a camera friendly place. Nero’s Bar is found next door, also a Vegas like club with a center stage, girls, girls, and more girls.

Similar setups are at each club, with a barrage of young dancers all doing the Solid Gold Dancer routines at the same time, kind of an overload feeling the first time you witness it. Clubs to also visit are The Bunny Ranch, Treasure Island (great private shower shows), Roadhouse, Confetti’s, Champagne Bar, Brown Sugar, Gecko’s, Camelot, Blue Fox. Daytime club with the best selection is Dirty Duck.

For afternoon fun, check out “Blow Row”, with it’s real name being Santos Street. Here there are 14 open-air clubs in a row, about as low budget as they come. The names are irrelevant, although Black Pearl has the most girls and routinely gets the thumbs up. No AC, cheap sound system and lighting, BUT, for P500, about $10 gets you two hours with a young girl who can suck a golf ball through a garden hose. Forget 2 hours, you’re lucky if you’ll last 5 minutes with these girls. Each club has 4-20 girls, forget looking for a model here. The girls on Santos Street have doctorates in sucking, see if you can try to negotiate down to $9 bucks with a straight face, you cheap Charlie. Beers are 30P, ladies drink 80P, there’s no shower, and you may not want to sit on the bed. Stand there and bark orders, they may not understand English here.

In call massage girls are readily available as well. Be forewarned, Filipina girls will latch on tightly. If your vacation plan is establishing a whole posse, you gotta be slippery. They tend to hang around your hotel in the wee am hours waiting for your return.

One of the hottest new spots in Fields Avenue is the brand new Pick Up Disco, gorgeous and upscale decorated disco. The girls are dressed to the hilt and strutting their stuff with a group of equally gorgeous friends. No expense was spared in the planning of the three-story structure, from the raised central dancing stage, to the gold-trimmed balconies and railings that surround the band stand and upper floor ramparts, all the way to the 3rd floor VIP area. The 30-foot high ceiling — painted like an open-air desert night complete with stars – combined with state-of-the-art lasers and concert lighting resembles Las Vegas rather than Angeles City.

If you plan on staying a week or longer, pick up a cell phone and pre-paid cards at the local mall. All the girls carry cell’s and will come by your hotel any hour.

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To get a feel of the area, and a quick bite to eat, head to Margarita Station. There will be many regulars, expats, and tourists here who can give the latest and greatest things to do in town. They also have Internet service, bar, and pool tables. Great Thai food, make this your first stop in town. For a great local map, go this link…maps.

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