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Ground zero is the Red Light District, the most famous district in the world. You need to aim for the Oedekerk canal near Casa Rosso. Look for the big red light, no joke. What you’ll find are several blocks containing hundreds of women in picture glass windows, with private curtained rooms for sex behind them. The mannequins in the window are exotic women from around the world. Every look, size, race, and color is represented here. The occasional hedgehog and uberslut, but what can you do.

Just take a stroll inspecting windows until you find a girl you like. There are roughly 150 girls to choose, as well as ones whistling to you in the alleys between buildings. Most people have a mental picture of this red light district as a dirty sleazy area. On the contrary, Amsterdam is immaculate; you won’t find one cigarette butt in the streets. Also, when you pop into one of their large pubs in between rounds, you’ll find them to be the nicest ones you’ve ever been in.

Make sure to convert your money to euros prior to arriving here. The girl’s rates are 50 euro for 20-30 minutes. They have some games they play that you need to be aware of. First off, make sure the 20 minutes starts when you’re naked and on the bed. Second, no cell phone interruptions allowed by her. Third, the ridiculous up sells. It’s like you’re at a car dealership. Get everything clear in advance or you’ll dislike the whole event. If you request her shirt off during sex…up sell, touching breasts…up sell, various positions…up sell…you get the picture. Try to negotiate for a longer date upfront to allow for these games. Very little English is spoken. Bring your own condom and lube. BYOCL. Make sure you have a girl who’s been a girl her whole life.

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Here’s a complete map and walking tour of the RLD.

There are plenty of bars in the area for the booze and food in between, and they’ll hand you a hashish menu if that’s your thing. It’s all perfectly legal. In some of the bars you rent your beer mug by the hour, with unlimited refills! There’s also some great old school heavy metal clubs there as well, check out Excalibur for some great headbanger tunes. Hit the brothel, hit the hash bar, and hit the metal bar. Rinse and repeat.

For picking up locals or semi-pros late night, check out the Jazz band at Bimhuis or the disco at Escape. If you bore of the quickie red light district routine, there are also houses that are less expensive, a little more private, and charge around 70 Euro for the hour. Since the names can change quickly, here’s a website with directions, pictures, maps, and the lowdown on each.

Next place to visit in the Netherlands is the Almaar Red Light district. Located maybe 20 minutes northwest of Amsterdam by tram. Travel north on the A9 from Amsterdam. Find the train schedules here: ( )

The red light district is in an area called Achterdam, another home to a high concentration of the some 120 Dutch window prostitution babes. The women are allowed to display themselves at the Achterdam only. Street prostitution is prohibited in Alkmaar. Gotta have some standards dammit. The Achterdam is a small craft street in the monumental inner city of Alkmaar, about 300 feet from the renowned cheese market.

Pricing varies per girl at 35E for 20 minutes to 60E for a half hour, and the girls don’t do the up sell crap so much. All in all, it’s a more pleasant experience than Amsterdam. Here’s a website for directions and the street layout.

Another city to visit in the Netherlands if you’re feeling adventurous is The Hague, located southwest on the North Seaport. Here also is a large red light district, as well as the same house arrangement with complete listings again at the same website.

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