Night Clubs in Rio de Janeiro

Don’t forget to check some of the local discos as well. You’ll find a lot of times in the local clubs the women outnumber men between 5 to 1 and 8 to 1. If you can dance salsa, you’re 90% of the way in.

Down in the El Centro part of town, Club Six is the spot on Friday nights. Great looking local chicas in the 19-24 age range, this place is a goldmine for 7’s-8.5’s. They play a lot of American hip-hop, top 40, house music, drum & bass, jungle, some rock, Brazilian samba, and reggae. It has 4 dance floors on 4 floors, plus a VIP areaway upstairs that’s not guarded by security.

Another new club stuffed with hot little 18-year-old locals is called The Bunker. Located down on Raul Pompeia #94, a tad before Ipanema. Non-pros abound here, but if you’re not Brad Pitt, don’t speak Portuguese or dance well, you’ll likely just be window-shopping. Who cares, with a view like this?

The top pimpdaddy club for late night is Help Disco, billed as South America’s largest dance club. Cover charge is $7, but beers are just $3R. Since the club doesn’t open until midnight, you can find a spectacular view just hanging out at the entrance area at the Sobre das Ondas restaurant next door. Help is dead till at least midnight, so show up here at 10:30-1 lpm. The eye candy is stunning beyond belief. Many a pro sex tourist come here and chooses their girl for the night without ever going in. The menu is outrageous. Many girls are waiting outside for guys to arrive and pay their admission into the club. Inside, you’ll find 150-250 girls dressed in wild provocative outfits, dancing like sex machines, and 99% are available for the evening. You would happily pay $20 at home just to walk in for this sight alone. The girls range from hardcore pros to part timers, mostly the first. Don’t expect to find a classy local girl here, they hate the music and the whole tourist feel. The girls at Help Disco know exactly what you want, and with reasonable negotiation skills they will fulfill your fantasy, and probably enjoy the sex more than you will. There’s no aura of immorality here or anywhere in Rio. You have the gold; she has the goods, and you both want sex.

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Game, set, match.

This is not a poser bar where you stand there and expect perfect 10’s to run to you. The best looking girls know they will find someone without trying, so they will dance for a few hours first. You have to make the move. Approach her, offer a drink or a dance, and if you like her, negotiate your deal. Most likely she will want to keep dancing till the early AM. Don’t despair if you hear the $100 US initial quote, counter with $150-200 R. Never negotiate in dollars. Some will take less just to get it over with. If she won’t bite on your price, it’s no big deal. There is no shortage or girls here, some 200 plus. Some are truly frightening, but on any given night you’ll see 50 or more that are in the 8-9 ranges, if not 10’s. You’ll find that the most aggressive are at the low end of the scale, they will freely grab your Johnson, and follow you around everywhere you turn, trying to coerce you into making a bad drunk decision. Maybe fun once or twice, but it gets annoying unless they’re gorgeous.

Here’s a tip. The club is two floors, hop on up to the second floor. There’s a great bird’s eye view from there to pick out your trophy girl, without getting hassled a thousand times by girls begging to have sex with you. Ah, the problems of life in Rio.

If your goal is to concentrate on just the local girls, a girlfriend, or to try for freebies, Help is not your place. The club is definitely frowned upon by the proud Brazilian locals, who correctly claim it’s nothing but a tourist trap for gringos and hookers. For locals, you may need some time, youth, Portuguese, and strong game to move quickly. If you have all of these, you can score on almost any night. Unless you have an extended vacation planned, don’t waste your valuable time. Go to the beach at noon, termas around 3:30pm, cafes at 7-10 pm, and Help at midnight. You can’t miss at any of these spots.

Brazilian women are all nymphos, and during the sex it is quite common you’ll find yourself thinking who is paying whom? They truly love to please, or are the greatest fakers on earth. Who cares, you both win in this scenario. The girls come in all shapes, shades, and sizes, and have the best Asses on the planet.

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