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Nigeria Country on The passage also exemplifies the way the local community functions as the means by which the main protagonists learn about one another. Because they are often estranged from one another and have little direct contact, they often communicate or get information about one another through the Egdon rustics. The passage l shaH cite describes Wildeve’s reaction to learning that Eustacia is going to marry Clym from the driver of a cart coming down from Mistover, who has stopped for a drink at the Quiet Woman Inn. Such passages are characteristic of Hardy’s narrative tactics. They are more a comment by the narrator about the character’s constant quality of mind than a direct, intimate representation of it at a particular moment: 111e old longing for Eustacia had reappeared in his soul: and it was mainly because he had discovered that it was another man’s intention to possess her. To be yearning for the difficult, to be weary of that offered; to care for the remote, to dislike the near; it was Wildeve’s nature always. This is the true mark of the man of sentiment. Nigeria Country 2016.

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