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Nicaragua Map Tourist Attractions on M., and unable to rouse his comatose sister, frantically phoned for an ambulance. The forensic evidence contradicted Cantat’s four slap account strongly suggesting that Trin – tignant had endured 19 blows to her head, shattering her nose and causing brain swelling. Cantat concluded his testimony by addressing Nadine Trintignant, Marie’s mother who had charac – terized the rock star as an assassin without regret, from the stand: I want to tell you this even if you are incapable of hearing it. I want you to know I loved Marie. Asked by the court if she wanted to respond to Cantat, she said, I’ve heard too many lies and if I had to speak, I would express myself poorly. On March 29, 2004, Cantat was sentenced to 8 years for voluntary homicide escaping the maximum penalty of 15 years. Nicaragua Map Tourist Attractions 2016.

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