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Niassa Travel on We must be prepared to recognize and discount it, not forgetting that without the enthusiastic sense of discovery which lies behind it, neither this science nor any other could probably advance at all. One identification which has stood the test of time is that which connects the group of names including the Greek Zeus (genitive Dios) and his consort Dione, Latin Jupiter (also Diana, Janus and Dianus), Sanskrit Dyauspitar (compare Zevs riarrjp, Father Zeus), Old High German Ziu, old Norse Tyr etc. The common root has the meaning shine, and from this the proof was built up that the greatest god (the father-god) of the Indo-European people before they set out on their migrations was the god of the sky and weather. More generally one may say that the Indo-European religion as it appeared to these pioneers was a religion of nature-myths, i.e. one in which the most important powers and phenomena of nature were personified and treated as gods. There was some truth in this, but unfortunately the enthusiasm of its 1 Cf. Niassa Travel 2016.

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