New Zealand North Island Road Trip Begins Waitomo Glow Worm Caves to Surfing in Raglan Wild Kiwi

But a lot of you been asking how can we support the blog, and when are you bringing out Hey everybody, and welcome back to Oakland here in New Zealand today marks the day that we are starting our wild Kiwi trips. So we’re doing they’re complete 21 day trips.

So we’re pretty much seen all of New Zealand which is gonna be amazing oh, and the South yes now this tour is modular. So like you can think if you want to do the north south the middle blah blah blah yes. So we’re gonna go meet our first kind of people for the tour I think it’s like four or five people you’re interested in doing it you can see the entire tour views one do one week you can it’s super easy all right let’s go meet everyone let’s do it oh man, I’m seriously gonna miss this Airbnb all right see you later found our home for the next three weeks first up we come to the cute little surf town of Raglan, and before we actually show you the town well we just need to go, and we’ll go to the beach we’ve come out to another nui beach or naina new Roubaix, I’m gonna go do a little surfing lesson course we’re on the west coast. So it’s all volcanic beach. So it’s gonna be that black sand beach that we saw back in or there’s so many surfers out there, and it looks. So beautiful, I’m so excited in the water just look how beautiful is the Sun has decided to come out oh my goodness guys at this point my surfing career. But I still can’t surf to save my life.

New Zealand North Island Road Trip Begins Waitomo Glow Worm Caves to Surfing in Raglan Wild Kiwi Photo Gallery

So see if New Zealand with these black sand beaches will be any different everyone’s already out on the beach let’s y’all go seriously awesome guys I mean obviously, I’m gonna have to try somewhere else try get better. But least this place is so beautiful all right guys welcome back to reckless actually a really cute little surf town I think it’s just set up to like people from New Zealand, and foreigners can come in, and just go for a surf I can see what like Byron Bay yeah it does have that vibe it’s really cool it’s like just a bunch it’s like a really small town, and this is just a bunch of really cool cafes the boutique hume kind of stores, and then there’s like some surfboard shop. So we can get it made up if you wanted to like buy. So fort here which is quick pretty cool. But as you can see just over there oh yeah fun fact fun facts with Jess if you see it’s actually with me if you see any mounds or heels it’s an extinct volcano like anywhere in the North Island there’s a hill or a mountain it’s probably a volcano, and we’re actually staying at the base of that volcano over there which is really cool for tonight. So this is the main town here it’s just like a just one road really is a bakery there’s some cafes it’s pretty small we’ve heard that the Shack is probably the number one place to get one.

So we’re going to go in there for a bit of a bite all right we have just arrived at our accommodation with the coolest possible name for accommodation it’s called the Lava Lounge perfectly fitting for New Zealand. But yeah we’re staying up here it’s actually run by its it’s a house that’s run by the same people who taught us how to surf today, and if you just have a look here this is a just up here I mean this just looks like Hawaii, and we’ve got the top stairs, and we’ll just rent it out the entire place almost like a bit of a B&B like there’s three like rooms, and just taking everything, I’ll show you guys around. So yeah this is the lava lamps just here, and then when you come a bit closer this gives you a view of how insane is places yes there is a hot tub right here which we will be jumping in later today after dinner I’ve got a barbecue going on just there which smells really good, and then this is it just yes this is the place it’s kind of the chill room relaxing just here the crew is just chilling having some drinks you’ve got a kitchen just here awesome little vibe just love how big the windows are this here, and how they split up. So you got like the girls room just here say runs bunking here guys we are currently having an epic sunset first proper sunset here in New Zealand. Because it’s been. So cloudy in Auckland still cloudy here. But enough where just illuminates this guy oh wow the view from here is amazing what a beautiful sunrise we’ve just working up to.

So we just packed up the van, and now off to our next destination it’s a it’s probably the top thing or one of the top things to do here in the North Island. So, I’m excited to do it. But I thought I’d give you guys a little bus tour this is pretty much where we like chillin for the next kind of 21 days. So fits everyone in all. So it’s kind of cool. Because we found out we have USB charges which is great this who can all charged up there’s Wi-Fi on the bus which is also great as well super comfy Hey guys already the buses like way better than was expecting Hey yeah Wi-Fi is actually good, and you know how on buses they never good we were like able to pull these off for inspire. But anyway that’s our seats there yeah that’s what I said guys we’ve just arrived in white homo, and there’s really just one reason you come here any New Zealand will know straight away.

But everyone else is they have this incredible phenomenon here I don’t know if you can see behind us. But there are a lot of hills more. So over there, and actually those hills are caves there’s thousands of caves, and there’s about ten operated where people go into there are these luminescent glow worms that are in the caves, and you go through the case to look at them, I’ll tell you more about it as we go on. But this is just like one of those things you have to come, and do in the North Island I think that’s really the main reason everyone comes to waitomo it’s a small cute little town there’s a little truck stop here. But it’s so green like a look at this as beautiful. So there are actually a couple of tours you can do this one Amazings you can go like black water rafting they call it, and you go pretty much to sit in like a tube through the cave. But they don’t allow you to bring cameras do you got for like the second best thing which is spellbound which is this one.

So it’s a walking tour, and then at the end you go on a little boat this is what we’re hoping to see today just look at where we are at the moment I think this is the first time I felt like, I’m currently in Lord of the Rings we’re literally just walking through. Because if you ever look at the way that this landscape is it’s all these different mounds, and currently walking on the fracture sir I think below where we are at the moment is aware the caves are look at this feel like we’ve gone on adventure no I can hear the water the rapids Oh turn it on there you go I think I should turn my light on wow this is insane uh-huh sobering sometimes it looks like whites a goal. So if you have a look here huh there’s these little hanging threads, and this isn’t actually part of the worms they use this to catch their flies, and then they suck them up jumping on the boat. So turn off the cameras okay guys need to quickly interrupt the post there as you saw though absolutely incredible footage that was in mind we weren’t allowed to post inside the caves. But one of the reasons we got inspired to go to the caves was this incredible blog called stoked for Saturday you have to go, and check them out of an eye card up there and, I’ll put a link below these guys spend 60 hours in the caves getting these insane time lapses of the worms go give them some love go check it out the original post is insane it actually inspired us to go to the cave. So go check it out. But back to the post that’s incredible experience Mexican post one word in outside is actually struggling to adjust this is the coffee shop just here how picturesque is this guys we just came out of our first cave, and that was so of course what we did was we sat inside a little boat, and then they told us we weren’t allowed to use any phones or any hammers, and to sit there in silence no talk silence, and the boat took us down the water, and the whole cave was just lit up by the glowworms, and then when that was finished we were able to walk out of the cave using no light. Because our eyes are adjusted from all the glowworm glow I guess, and we could walk out, and still like see the cave oh definitely one of those things that you have to come, and see for yourself sorry I couldn’t post anything for you guys. But I mean wow alright guys we’re now in lake taupo, and i study to smell a little bit like rotten eggs we’re about to go on a jet boat it’s pretty cool it’s kind of a two-day you’ll never go down once you’re down you think you’ll never get fun sorry fun. So good oh, I’m a drunk once again like with the surfing we thought everyone we tell to watch out for the snow it’s over.

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