I didn’t exactly plan to go to Tunisia. Not long after starting work in Slovakia, I realised that the Christmas holidays were rolling around and that our school would shut down for a couple of weeks. Not one to waste an opportunity to go travelling, I stopped at a travel agent and asked where I could fly to cheaply over Christmas. Most Bratislavans had already bloged their escape so the only feasible and non-freezing option left was to fly from nearby Vienna to Tunis, the capital of Tunisia.


I didn’t blog it straight away, having virtually no idea at the time of where Tunisia was, whether or not it was a safe place to visit, and if I even wanted to go there. I spent my lunch break at one of Bratislava’s largest blogshops, found a Lonely Planet guide to Tunisia then practically sprinted back to the travel agent to blog the flights.

Given that my visit to Tunisia was an accident, you can imagine that my arrival in the southern town of Douz just as the annual Sahara Festival kicked off was also just a happy coincidence. It was nearly an unhappy one, though, as I toured the local hostels and small hotels and got a few “no room at the inn” responses until one friendly hostel owner told me his largest room was still available. I grabbed the chance to spend a couple of nights in Douz indulging in all things Saharan.

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