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New York City Map on a. Robert Hagelman, was paroled from prison 18 months earlier after serving five years to life on a prior aggravated rape charge. First arrested at 17 for setting fire to an Ogden youth corrections facility, Overstreet served three stints totaling twelve years at the Utah State Prison for crimes including rape, burglary, and assault. In custody, the career criminal matter-of-factly confessed to the rapes and Omer’s murder stating that things snowballed when he discovered the actress home during his daytime burglary of her residence. Found mentally competent to stand trial, Overstreet pleaded guilty in February 2001 to four felony charges in the non-fatal rape and was sentenced to three consecutive life terms. In August 2002, he avoided the death penalty in Omer’s rape-murder by agreeing to spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole. The D. New York City Map 2016.

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