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New Jersey Travel on Integration, Lentin and Titley write, has become a border practice, beyond and inside the territorial border (2011, 204). Our analysis of migration and border regimes in the next chapter investigates precisely such processes of bordering, which are constitutive of the concept of differential inclusion. In doing this, we take a rather different position from the widespread rhetoric that presents the border as a static wall. The notion of Fortress Europe, for instance, has played an important role in drawing attention to the warlike operations against migrants along the external borders of the European Union.

But it is not adequate to describe the mobility of borders toward the inside of the European space and toward its multiple outsides that are crucial characteristics of contemporary regimes of migration and border management (Cuttitta 2007).

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Moreover, the metaphor of Fortress Europe drives the political imagination in a too unilateral way onto mechanisms of control and domination. There is a risk of obscuring how the external borders of the European Union are challenged by migrants along the multiple geographical scales of their stretching.

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