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Neuquen Travel on In fact, he has an airtight alibi for the time of the alleged attack. I will call several police officers to testify that Connie DeVuono positively identified Rick Ferguson as the man who beat and raped her, Jess offered. Hearsay, Your Honor, Don stated flatly. And since Connie DeVuono didn’t say anything to the police about Rick Ferguson until three days after she was attacked, her statement cannot be classified an excited utterance, and therefore is not an exception to the hearsay rule. The only person, Your Honor, who can identify my client as her assailant, who can testify that he threatened her life, is dead. Since it was never proved that my client had anything to do with the attack on Mrs DeVuono, I must ask that you disallow the introduction of such r the trunks of cars. There were drunks in the street, gang rapes, family brawls, fractured ribs, broken windows, abandoned children. Neuquen Travel 2016.

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