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Netherlands Country on Theil’ valves and pulses were aIl right. They could play the game without the slightest 80 Last Chronicle ofBarset as a Madel ofVictorian Community danger of any inc:onvenient result-of any inconvenient result, that is, as regarded their own feelings. (266-7) For these disagreeable and disreputable people, love can never be more than a play or agame. Though Mrs. Dobbs Broughton probably loved her husband in a sensible, humdrum way, feeling him to be a bore, knowing him to be vulgar, aware that he often took a good deal more wine than was good for him, and that he was almost as uneducated as a hog (267), she is entirely incapable of the kind ofloving Grace, Lily, or Mrs. Crawleyexemplify. Madalina’s goal is to entrap Johnny Eames into a breech of promise. Netherlands Country 2016.

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