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Cyprian began to speak of lectors as clerics: in ordinationibus clericis   Ep. 38: CSEL 3,580. The letter speaks of a certain Aurelius whom Cyprian had ordained without consulting the local presbyters and deacons, because of his obvious and outstanding merits. Nepal Map Tourist Attractions In Ambrose’s time, the lectors at Milan were almost always young men beginning their ecclesiastical career. In the homily De excessu fratris 61 CSEL 73,240-241, Ambrose says: Unde non immerito quantus fuerit, hodie quoque per vocem lectoris parvuli spiritus sanctus expressit. The Cappadocians also speak of the office of the lectorate, which was considered the entry into ecclesiastical service and precluded its holder from secular work such as teaching rhetoric Greg. Naz., Ep. 11: PG 37, 44. Indeed, Gregory of Nazianzus recommended that candidates for higher ecclesiastical office should first pass through the lower grades, like Basil, who served as lector before becoming a priest and bishop Orat. 43, 27: LNPF 7, 404-405. Jerome speaks of lectors as distinct from cantors in the liturgy, and requiring a high level of morality.

Regarding the use of vestments for lectors, he advises: Si lector, si acolythus, si psaltes te sequitur, non ornentur vestibus, sed moribus, nec calamistro crispent comas, sed pudicitiam habitu polliceantur Ep. 52: CSEL 54, 423-424. Africa also had lectors, as we see in Augustine’s writings, which allude to young lectors who read from the codices of Scripture chosen by the bishop Enarr. in Ps. 138,1: CCL 40, 1990; Ep. 29,4: CSEL 33,115-116; De doctr. christ. IV, 6: CCL 32,119-120; Ep. 71,3: CSEL 34,250-251. Isidore of Seville attests the ministry of lectors in Spain. In De eccl. off. II, 1-4 PL 83, 777-780 he lists the technical and moral requirements of lectors; he also distinguishes them from cantors and assigns them two tasks: pronuntiare the readings, praedicare populis. If praedicare is to be understood as explanation of the readings, it is unlikely that lectors at Seville were youths Ep. 1: PL 83, 893-898; see also Libri etym. sive orig. VII, 12.

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