1,865 people killed tens of thousands homeless, and many more still unaccounted for tonight after the worst disaster Nepal has seen in nearly a century panic in the streets of Kathmandu after a quake toppled temples that stood for centuries brought down buildings, and tore open roads this tragedy was not limited to the capital, and its nearby neighborhoods the death, and destruction across the valley in remote rural mountain communities could not even be guessed at for millions of Nepali people this unbelievable nightmare is their reality Homes & lands destroyed families torn apart, and everything they’ve ever known in their modest lives is now either gone or changed forever the village of go Ghani is one of the hundreds of communities outside of Kathmandu that were devastated by the earthquakes unlike many of the surrounding villages however go Ghani was one of the fortunate ones, and that’s thanks in large part to this man dan Keyes is a longtime himalayas trekking guide who started act of hearts himalaya with fellow guides imported from NGO Ghani to fund, and facilitate a new library within the village however one week before it was scheduled to open a massive earthquake hit Nepal, and destroy the library, and entire village around it this is a story about how active hearts in Malaya became the catalyst for Galvani survival.


I joined an the rest of the active hearts team already on the ground at Kathmandu sourcing, and purchasing supplies with money from the initial charity donations we bought a generator tarps food water sleeping mats, and all the most immediate resources needed packed it all up in a giant duffel bags, and lower them between two jeeps to take our first delivery out ready to go it isn’t until you leave the city that you can see firsthand just how badly Nepal was affected by the quakes roads were cracked palms were flattened, and a makeshift shelter spread across open fields as we continued the scenes got more, and more of ascetics, and even the path itself to be difficult all right. So things are a little worse than we thought looks like we broke the axle, and have a tough time fixing it up here hopefully we can get it done before the Sun Goes Down, and we all get stuck here we made the best of a minor setback by having some fun with the local kids in the area before the boys came down from our village to pick us up.

But a few miles up the bumpy dirt path we hit another problem when the truck crossed over a new crack in the road, and almost tipped down a steep embankment we managed to tie the truck up to a tree, and pile rocks under the cliffside wheels to save it from falling overnight still here starting to rain trucks stuck, and take the bags off call it a night hopefully a busy day close to the village tonight we can walk with all their stuff leave the truck here for the night the morning sunshine brought our first glimpse of go Ghani a beautiful, and humble village up in the mountains, and a true community in every sense of the word over the next few days we had a lot of work to get done.

So while the villagers were busy cleaning out their homes, and putting up shelters we focus on distributing supplies, and giving medical attention we set up a makeshift Med Center in the middle of town, and over the next few days our two nurses worked relentlessly to attend hundreds of local people they saw everyone from old mend, and newborn baby’s broken limbs, and cavities meanwhile the rest of the team worked with the village leaders history rice, and supplies in each bag we gave out tarps rope flashlights sleeping mats hygiene products, and even a few baby clothes we also provided foam cars for people to call their families outside the village, and direct donations to those who needed it most, and in the afternoons when the work was all done for the day we’d run around with the kids, and give everyone an escape from reality for a little while when you’re playing on a cliff ball goes off sometimes our efforts here are drop in the bucket compared to how much devastation there is in Nepal. But to this village a few surrounding communities this effort means everything the Nepali people have an unbelievable spirit. So would love compassion, and an unwavering ability to persevere the handle absolute chaos, and destruction with a remarkable poise, and control. But this is only the beginning for them they still have a village a school, and a life to rebuild it’s an incredibly difficult task to take on.

But hopefully with help from village leaders the act of hearts team, and future volunteers, and donors this beautiful place will one day be whole again you.

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