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Nayarit Travel on The name Barclay came about when a third partner, James Barclay, joined the firm. Since then, it has remained at the physical center of London’s financial district, and also the metaphorical center of London’s finance business. By 1896, when a new, realigned bank was formed from mergers, it had 182 branches and deposits of £26 million, a vast sum in Victorian England. After another series of amalgamations, the bank claimed more than a thousand branches in 1926. In 1969, it acquired Martin’s Bank, the largest bank outside of London, and in 2000 The Woolwich, a principal lending bank. According to its 2002 annual report, Barclays aspires to be recognized as an innovative, customer-focused company that delivers superb products and services, ensures excellent careers and contributes positively to the communities. Striving to uphold a long and honored legacy, it continues to build its business in retail and commercial banking outside the United Kingdom and to nurture global business in the areas of investment banking and credit cards. Nayarit Travel 2016.

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