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Naukrnu Novads Travel on , and it seeks to disentangle them from hegemonic and self-perpetuating cultural claims of the West. Its approach to education involves a critique of Eurocentric claims of universalism and permanence. It is in the writing and teaching of history, and history of civilizations above all, that (the non-essentialist and non- Manichean) Afrocentrism calls for a multicultural and multi-perspective approach. If art expresses the transformation of the spirit in the pursuit of value, and if culture can be seen, as Mathew Arnold has put it, as the pursuit of perfection, then Afrocentrism offers a definition of perfection significantly different than that of the West. But invested in the concrete historical context of the UNITED STATES, this definition gains added significance as a liberation aesthetic: It has long been a commonplace that the achievements of the black music have far outstripped those of black literature, observes Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and, therefore, black intellectuals such as Albert Murray have sought to process the blues into a selfconscious aesthetic, to translate the deep structure of the black vernacular into prose. This literature is to be a statement about perseverance and about resilience and thus also about the maintenance of equilibrium despite precarious circumstances and about achieving elegance in the very process of coping with the rudiments of subsistence. Naukrnu Novads Travel 2016.

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