Hey guys Hey everyone we are still here in golden, and the Sun is clearing up which is good, and we’re gonna go explore now. Because we don’t have to do driving which is awesome.

So then we’re just gonna jump on the road, and just see what we find yeah all right it’s good let’s go all right guys you’ve decided we’re going to check it out first the Traven Basin National Historic Site which is about an hour, and a half drive gonna go all the way up there check it out, and things like what I’ve seen from pictures are so Caves, and sulfur hot springs, and stuff. So check that out, and then we’re gonna head back, and on the way back we’re going to choose what lakes we want to stop off at depending on how blue the sky is. Because we want to take some good photos where the sky is blue.


But that’s the plan. So let’s go just a quick fun fact. But them here in Canada a lot of animals were running onto the roads, and getting hit by cars. So what they did was they said stuff the size of these like Main Street main roads where a lot of animals were getting hit, and they built these overpasses covered in grass animals can cross without their no thinking they’re on the Prairie here’s one coming up now it’s just like a natural bridge for they can climb like they can walk over to get across the road we are getting hit, and then there’s fences along the side of the road just to make sure they walk out of the road that’s my fun fact for today our guys are the Kaizen basin, and we’ll show you what it looks like it looks really cool what was it the spot where they decided to make Banff National Park is one of the oldest national parks in Canada yes like hot spring, and it’s a hot spring which you used to be able to swim in apparently they found some endangered snails.

So you can’t swim there alrighty we’re back in the car, and we’re heading to cut call Falls two percent sure that’s how you pronounce it, I’m pretty sure it’s to tuck up call Falls well what do you think sound I’ve already forgotten the name of the waterfall Tonka Wakan falls chuckle like a walkathon he’s a trying anyway they are incredible, and we will show you, and this is some the first waterfall drew has ever seen, and it’s so big that we can hear it which is very big yeah I really need to go to the bathroom soon run to the bathroom, and then, I’ll show you guys the waterfall we’re walking right up to the waterfall, and I can feel the mist coming off it we’ve right up to the waterfall, and I am for easy guys drew two studies first bear experienced its first time seeing a bear, and as well driving we saw a big chunk of like icy snow stuff, and he’s never seems to know. So hopefully this is um the next guys thing or I can refill it coldness there it is a big chunk of ice grab it yeah I thought okay yeah snow cone drew is loving this way too much okay Oh surprise happening for the five nine o’clock at night, and the only thing we’ve had today’s Timmy’s sir making a big meal. So it’s good oh whoa if you guys couldn’t already guess there’s a thunderstorm again this time whoa this time we’re posting it, and well I know the nosies are biting me. But I want to get it on tonight it’s crazy I think, I’m gonna get hit we go back in that’s crazy, I’ll go back in good night guys thanks for reading we’re still doing some more road tripping tomorrow we’re gonna go see some lakes. Because the thing is gonna be blue skies yes. But hopefully you survive the night. Because it’s correct I’ve never had such lightning before ever, I’m just gonna sit, and watch it all night, I’m gonna sorta cool oh my gosh is crazy you guys.

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