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Nathon Pathon Travel on Ethnic and class tensions between anglophones and francophones, which could somewhat be compared with black-white relations in the United States, have been punctuated by class and constitutional conflicts since 1763. Since 1982, all political parties in Québec have refused to sign Canada’s new constitution; this means that the province of Québec is ruled every day by a constitution that was rejected by all successive provincial governments, leaders and parties, which is unusual, to say the least, in a Democratic federation. People outside Canada often get only one side of this issue if they rely on anglophone Canadian media, which are far from objective, as journalist Normand Lester and university scholar Kenneth McRoberts have explained in best-selling books. Canada is too often considered as only a resourcerich country with its economy reduced to basic products (grains and fisheries) and utilities such as gold, minerals, wood, oil, gas and energy. Most people don’t know much about the Canadian biotechnologies and high-tech research centers concentrated in Québec and Ontario. Important Canadian companies include Nortel Networks (the world’s largest manufacturer of telecommunications and internet systems) and its rival JDS Uniphase, Alcan Aluminium, INCO (the world’s most important producer of nickel), Bell Canada Enterprises (telephone and telecommunications), Québécor World (the largest printing company in the world), and Bombardier (aircraft and rail transportation equipment). Compared to the hundreds of financial institutions in the United States, Canada only has seven banks. Nathon Pathon Travel 2016.

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