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During the exorcisms the baptizands’ faces are veiled for recollection: Cyr. of Jer., Protoch. 9. During the daily catechesis of three hours they sit in a semicircle around the moveable cathedra of the bishop in the nave of the church, which is closed, with the sponsors and other baptized present Eger., Peregr. 46. The bishop explains the Scriptures for 40 days, starting from Genesis, first with literal exegesis, then spiritual O. Pasquato: RAC 20, 443; he also speaks of the resurrection Eger., Peregr. 46,2. Nashville-Davidson Map Tourist Attractions In the sixth week, when the creed is to be explained primum carnaliter et sic spiritualiter: ibid., 46,3, the bishop does so privately traditio simboli: accipient simbolum; cf. Cyr. of Jer., Catech. 5,12. At the end of the seventh week the creed is recited from memory redditio symboli by the candidates and godparents before the bishop’s throne and his presbyterate ibid., 46,5. The bishop concludes with an exhortation on baptism and to participation in the mystagogical catecheses of Easter week, which reveal its secret Cyr. of Jer., Catech. 18,33. At the beginning of the Easter Vigil, in the atrium of the baptistery, baptizands renounce Satan and express adherence to Christ, turning to the West and to the East Cyr. of Jer., Catech. myst. 1,2-11; 3,10. The neophytes are also initiated into the Lord’s Prayer ibid., 5,11-18 cf. M. Metzger: RAC 20, 520-523; F. Bergamelli, Cirillo di G.: J. Gevaert ed., Diz. di Cat., 155-156. Continuing in the East, in the area of Antioch, our sources are the Apostolic Constitutions c. 380 SC 320, 329: M. Metzger 1986 89-97: Christian initiation; 336, the Catecheses of John Chrysostom, presbyter O. Pasquato: RAC 20, 447-449, and of Theodore of Mopsuestia RAC 20, 449-451; F. van de Paverd, Zur Geschichte der Messliturgie in Antiocheia u. Konstantinopel gegen Ende des 4. Jh.: OCA 187, Rome 1970; TH.M. Finn, Liturgy, 25-85; P.W. Harkins, Pre-baptismal Rites in Chrysostom’s Baptismal Catecheses: SP 8: TU 93 1966 219-238; R. Kaczynski, Joh. Crysostomus. Catecheses baptismales 1: FCh 6, 1 1992 73-82: Christian initiation in Antioch; A. Ca±izares Llovera, El catecumenado segºn Teodoro de Mops.: Estudios = dei padri mercedari 32 1976 147-193.

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