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Napo Travel on 224 Conrad’s Colonial (Non)Community: Nostromo Like many other speech acts in the novel, and like so many performative utterances in the real world, it misfires. A current example would be George W. Bush’s declaration at the beginning of May 2003 that hostilities in Iraq were at an end and the war was over (Mission Accomplished!), whereas the war kept on unabated, whatever he said. TIle United States had many more casualties after Bush’s declaration than in the period after the invasion began and before he said the war had accomplished its mission. (Note the quasi-religious term.) United States soldiers were still in 2013 being killed or wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. Speech acts, such as Decoud’s proclamation, or Bush’s, have a distressing way of making something happen aIl right, but not what the one who uttered or wrote it intended. Napo Travel 2016.

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