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Naples Metro Map on A short away from this pattern, however, would now oppose the 1 0- 1 2 bull swing, with resistance lurking in the box top extension (dotted line) . Therefore, the offer below combi 13 is best accepted with a resistance exit in mind ( 1 4). Not much later, progression 1 4- 1 5 sent out a pretty strong hint that bulls were planning yet another round number attack (small W-pattern middle-part following the US Open at 1 5 : 30) . If still in position, a bear could deploy a reversal exit on the break of bar 1 5 . Figure 8 . 1 1 Session overview: Rallies that run for 1 00 pip or more within the space of a few hours are usually not a result of your typical intraday skirmishes. More likely, they are caused by an external catalyst and if they are not countered within the first 60 minutes or so, chances are they will just continue on their march, or else trail out the session more or less flatly. Naples Metro Map 2016.

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