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Naouri Travel on In the second place, the Orphic might believe in possession by the god, and communion with him, as a means of attaining salvation, but he did not regard them as enough. He laid great stress on the importance of purity, holding indeed that it was necessary not only on certain specified occasions (as the Eleusinian initiates purified themselves at the festival before initiation), but throughout life. Orphic katharsis was an elaborate system of rules which had to be observed continually. It was nothing less than a Kadapos fitos, a pure life, which they demanded. These then were the two things that the Orphic wished to preach: (a) a belief in the essential immortality and divinity of the human soul, (b) the necessity for constant ritual purity if that immortality were not to be forfeited. The first was to be found in the religion of the original Thracian Dionysos, the second in that of Apollo. It would be impossible to say with any assurance how much of the character of Orpheus has accrued to him as the result of his adoption by these sectarians. Naouri Travel 2016.

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