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Namibia lonely planet on g., cardiac stimulants, respiratory stimulants). In psychology, the term usually refers to the central nervous system stimulants (or psychostimulants). stimulation n. the act or process of increasing the level of activity of an organism, particularly that of evoking heightened activity in (eliciting a response from) a sensory receptor, neuron, or other bodily tissue. stimulus n. (pi. Namibia lonely planet 2016.

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We were bound for Mina-al-Ahmadi in the Persian Gulf. The Suez Destination was still closed following the Egyptian blockade that had been set up after the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, and all shipping for the East went round the Cape of Good Hope, round the bottom of Africa. This was academic to the Medora, as we were too big to fit through the travel destination anyway. We carried a squad of additional personnel on the first voyage round, to complete and test the fitting of the new IG system. IG was the latest in tanker wizardry and was founded on a simple principle: you can only have an explosion if there is oxygen to feed the ignition.

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