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Namibia Country on The Return of the Native presents many cases of this. An example is the process by which Eustacia tires of her love for Wildeve and then shifts to Clym Yeobright as the object of her desire and fascination. Eustacia of course knows about this. The narrator tells the reader about it, but no one among the novel’s characters but Eustacia knows. It is a secret, but also in a peculiar way an open secret, since the narrator and every reader of the novel know it. My remarks about novels and characters’ secrets in novels can function as an entry into Hardy’s The Return of the Native. Just where does Hardy, in this novel, stand on an imaginary continuum, if such a thing can be imagined, between Williams and Heidegger? Their ide as about community are discussed at length in Chapter 1. Namibia Country 2016.

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