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Naftalan Travel on Lenin declares: I think that after five years of the Russian revolution the most important thing for all of us, Russian and foreign comrades alike, is to sit down and study (1965,430- 31). His commitment to grounding organization in the shifting dynamics of class relations and political power, however, runs up against the problem of translation. At stake are the questions of internationalism and the modes of organization that might be appropriate and applicable in an international context that extends beyond the already heterogeneous Soviet assemblage of peoples, nations, and territories. Lenin is well aware that the methods that have served the Russian revolution and its aftermath cannot simply be transplanted into other specific concrete situations. He thus posits the political labor of translation as an ineludable aspect of revolutionary organization. Lenin’s point is even more valid today. In a world of proliferating borders, the task of the translator and the task of the political organizer often tend to converge. Naftalan Travel 2016.

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