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Naama Travel on I can’t believe you’d even think them. EASTERN WILDLIFE Bittersweet A ALLIGATOR IN FLORIDA swims through a flood-control canal and ends up in the parking lot of a Miami shopping mall. A white-tailed deer is captured on a busy street in downtown Washington, D. C. Flocks of Canada geese settle on a comfortable Connecticut golf course, while once scarce wild turkeys stroll calmly past clogged commuter highways in Virginia. A foraging black bear wanders into a Pennsylvania backyard; the family calls a wildlife officer, who arrives to find them hosing the bear down while it lies on its back, feet waving in the air. Not only have these five species survived centuries of hunting and destruction of their habitat, but, surprisingly, along the densely populated East Coast they are now thriving, thanks to good wildlife management programs (including controlled hunting) and the animals own remarkable adaptability. Naama Travel 2016.

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