Mysterious Karni Mata Temple Bikaner Rajasthan Rat Temple

Situated in the middle of the thar desert began here in Rajasthan India is famous for its imposing palaces ports, and temples 30 kilometers from Bikaner in the town of the schnook is one of the strangest, and unusual temples in the world the karni mata temple now must be from Team India commode sorry time come Allah, and welcome to Rajasthan series on our blog in this post we will take you to karni mata temple, and explore the uniqueness of this beautiful mystical temple hit the red comment button.

Mysterious Karni Mata Temple Bikaner Rajasthan Rat Temple Photo Gallery

So that you don’t miss a future post uploads, and follow us on Instagram, and Facebook links in the description box below thanks for subscribing, and following now let’s begin the impressive architecture, and the spiritual significance of karni mata temple makes it one of the most sought-after tourist attractions in beacon air the current temple was built by maharaja Ganga Singh of beacon ear about hundred years ago it is made of marble, and stone with silver doors at the entrance every day thousands of tourists locals, and pilgrims visit Kenyatta temple to seek blessings of the goddess, and the rats that rule the temple he gives you your it right rats the temple is home to over 20,000 rats also called kaaba’s or little children these rights are treated sacred hens are fed protected, and worshiped here the main Titan the temple is goddess Kali Mata who is regarded as the incarnation of Madoka, and the kaaba’s are believed to be the manifestations of Kali Mata herself.

And her sons the shrine has a beautiful 75 centimeters tall idol of karni mata holding a trident or threshold in her hand she is adorned with a crown, and a garland of flowers it is popular belief that goddess Durga in the form of karni mata lived at the place where the temple stands today, and performed miracles during the 14th century the moment you enter the temple courtyard you will see rats all over the place popping out of holes in its marble walls running around crossing the aisle tumbling down the staircases, and balancing on the frames of the cast iron gates you will also find a bunch of them casually lazing around these rights are very friendly, and to not bite the barefooted pilgrims who enter the temple rather you will find them running around, and playing with the visitors.

And if a Kaaba happens to run across your feet consider it or specious you will find the rats either nailing on sweets, and Prasad that has been offered to them or slurping milk, and water from huge metal poles kept on the ground rats can also be seen inside the main shrine feeding on the Prasad, and milk offered to karni mata while the Poojari performs puja it was the temple rats are different from the ones found in houses house rats are known of spreading diseases such as plague, and often bite people. But the temple rats are totally harmless there are no recorded cases of human contracting the disease from the temple rats the temple has never had an outbreak of plague unlike other areas of India the rats are also not known to ever bite or attack humans in any way, and they never leave the temple even though they are free to do. So yet another strange, and astonishing fact about their rights in the temple is that no one has ever seen newborn covers, and most of them are of a typical size, and local replicates of each other no one exactly knows anything about their mysterious lifecycle karni mata temple is the best place to visit if you want to observe fascinating religious customs, and want to enjoy reading thousands of rats running around you, and over your feet as you walk around in the temple, and feel the presence of karni mata hope you enjoyed reading this post give this post a big thumbs up leave us a comment, and comment the blog for more posts, and stay tuned for more Rajasthan posts coming up shortly till then take care bye bye.

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