My First Japanese Onsen Experience Nozawa Onsen

Hey after three days of backcountry skiing my body needs a little bit of a break. So, I’m going to go explore nozawa onsen the village a little bit get something to eat, and also check out the other thing that this place is famous for, and that is the bath houses or on senses are called let’s go have a day in downtown Nozawa at the foothills of mount Kenna she lies the sleepy ski town of Nozawa on the time it’s built some local farming seasonal tourism , and to be honest a small traditional town like this was exactly what I was hoping to experience when I came to Japan I had to stop for a little snack these little steamed buns filled with Japanese vegetables from local farms are unbelievably tasty a great little powerful snack during the day they’re lined up across the street inside little steam boxes delicious pea onsen or Japanese bath is a way of life in Japan, and especially here in town that’s.

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Because until recently very few homes in town had their own baths or showers the local onsen was a daily bathing ritual, and too many villagers it still is throughout the village there’s about 30 different types of hot springs, and 14 public baths most I tucked away behind beautiful wooden doors, and hidden from the untrained eyes of toriel for my first onsen experience I ventured over to the traditional, and style guru Sato mu u bathhouse I read the rules head into the men’s locker room throw my stuff in a locker, and then join all the other naked Japanese men, and the oversized hot tubs I feel like a million bucks obviously I couldn’t post very much in there that’s not really safe for it’s basically one big hot tub party with a bunch of naked Japanese men. So let me give you a little a little play-by-play. So you walk in obviously I showed you a little bit of that then you go into the locker room which is basically just a regular locker room, and then from there you go into these showers where you sit down on these buckets, and you wash yourself, and everyone’s kind of sitting there in a line, and you just wash yourself in this location in particular there are three different levels of baths there was actually one outside, and there were two inside two different temperatures I went with the 40 or 41 degrees which is like 105 degrees, and that was very hot, and yeah you sit in there for as long as you want, and once you’re done you go back in to sit down, and you go into those little showers, and you clean yourself off again you come out feeling fresh, and I can see why Japanese locals, and ski instructors make this a regular part of their routine it’s very very relaxing, and now, I’m a little bit hungry let’s go get some lunch that was delicious I think, I’m ready for another onsen this time, I’m going to take you to a newer more westernized version of an onsen see what the difference is I’ve never been.

So check it out spa Rina is it newly-renovated onsen which incorporates indoor, and outdoor pools the big difference between flowering, and the other onsens around town is that you can wear your bathing suit, and men women, and children can all beige together there’s also a restaurant, and a massage room basically looks like a giant YMCA just like the other on sense you throw your stuff in a locker you hit the showers, and then choose your pool, and perhaps the best aspect of this experience after a long soak is the relaxed room crack all right that is it from my time here at the new spa arena comparison traditional versus new this is a lot more commercial there’s a lot better vibe an old tradition one that I went to this morning it’s a really cool atmosphere. But a happy give points to the relaxed room the big oversized sofas with blankets here at the spa Rina now I got to go back to the staff Lodge where I’ve been stay in the last few days get all my stuff, and we’re going to a fancy hotel tonight pretty excited.

So thanks to an invitation by the great staff over at the riot contact kaya hotel I upgraded from the staff Lodge, and checked into one of the most luxurious traditional Japanese hotels in town it’s pretty sweet, I’m escorted to my room by a lovely little woman who explains the layout, and then prepares a welcoming green tea she then says that I needed to change into a more appropriate outfit for dinner, and then proceeded to show me how okay remember this we talk we’re everywhere that was the greatest welcome to a hotel I have ever had in my entire life I don’t know how to turn that one off all right all right look incoming think, I’m ready for dinner let’s hope I understood them correctly when they said wear this down to dinner this is a little backwards no I got a pee-pee in this thing all right time for dinner dressed to impress I make my way downstairs to meet the director of the nizam on his, and skew sky, and his family for dinner, and I have no idea what to dispense oh okay flip oh wow it looks ridiculously good just waiting on the rest of the people in my party, and you eat all of this okay.

So I think we have figured out what, I’m doing here luckily the full party of the Raj this is a what is it’s called again its height annuity keisuke Dooley Kentucky DoD, and it’s basically a 12-course give or take meal all here in front of us that see what comes next is me joyfully lost in a sock fu state of bold flavors, and new discovery thank you for tofu come called cream-cheese screamed yes that are deemed that Wow a joke your grandmother’s jell-o pudding that person Yoga denies the topic no matter what it is as you see they use a gun there you go squid guts good gut the fish are is this tofu that’s a big ol that’s delicious I was a very interesting flavor travel layers excuse addition it looks a little intimidating that’s a delicious dish that’s more than why women use the market are you okay Thomas good steak I guess you’re already nothing we’re gonna try the Japanese nothing to Germany to this okay it’s like a tofu texture.

But it tastes cheesy mystery with little pineapple chunks inside officially lost all form of articulating much this is that all we’re getting at the official list here all right I was wrong that’s an apple mousse with an apple compote refreshing, and amazing mint leaf on top, and a little mint leaf there’s this is delicious on that my friends concludes dinner did some damage in there back from the restaurant, and I have a bed nice that is it for my day or Nozawa had way too much food a little bit too much sake feeling pretty good you guys like the post give it a thumbs up leave a comment below tell me your favorite part of the day, and as always see you guys next week Travel alright it’s time for dinner. But I forgot how she put this thing on display maybe I know it tied in the back like this.

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