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Hey from San Francisco I have left LA since I got in. So late I slept in the airport, and I didn’t get that much sleep. But now I am going to head into the city my first view of San Francisco and. So beautiful wandering around San Francisco I love the city. So far it’s very different to other cities that I have been in just the way that it’s laid out it’s very different. But in a good way I saw this random place on the map where is wandering around called Dragon’s Gate, and I thought that sounded very interesting. So I just went there, and it I cannot believe how much I love San Francisco I love it it’s just magical it’s like every street that you go down has just a million intricate little details, and just it feels like there are just thousands of hidden passageways like right there in front of you, and all you have to do is notice them in every single Street is different famous city, and lights bookstore I’ve wanted to visit this bookstore for years, and it’s just absolutely beautiful.

My First Day in San Francisco Alcatraz More Photo Gallery

So there’s power in the area with Gracie. Because the to a wall now I see that they’re kind of leaving me here. So we’ve announced at the top of these steps this is like alright, and these are I suddenly feel like, I’m in the middle of this big rainforest jungle or something even if I don’t go to the tower this is great. So beautiful I haven’t even gone to the top yet look at this stereos lifetime now. But it’s a lot I hope, I’m not overdoing it. Because I am still a little bit sore from hiking to the Hollywood sign dick for yesterday. So I hope, I’m not ever doing it now will be like to sort of walk around tomorrow hopefully not going back down now which I hope will be easier than going up, I’m so glad that I found this, and I kind of just randomly decided to do it it was amazing I didn’t even end up going up to the tower the view was already.

So amazing without even going up to the top. But I just decided not San Francisco has hills that are like build on the side of a mountain nearly like walking down this hill just trying to hold on to the next tree hope I don’t fall. So, I’m following Google Maps, and this is the street big build like this before right out took a tour inside, and it’s so beautiful outside from the tour of Alcatraz over, and heading back to the boat now, and the sunset was so pretty.

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