My Favorite Place in the World in Morocco

Hey it is another day in esto era. So today we are about to head out to go horseback riding which is something that I cannot wait to do, and I knew that I really wanted to do in this trip. So really excited about that. So we’re gonna go in to head out in a few minutes how did you like it I be great, I’m actually less her than when I wanted to do it laughs yeah you get used to it yeah it’s beautiful. Because he went by the beach, and then we kind of went through the cacti the sand, and then we went through the forest hello Ivy who’s just finished having some surf lessons, and now we’re gonna go out, and we just really feel like relaxing, and really just enjoying our last day, and as to where I might go to a nice place for dinner later found this book shop, I’m not supposed to be buying any books.

My Favorite Place in the World in Morocco Photo Gallery

Because space in my backpack is very limited. But this book I just have to get it. So I be, and I have wandered into this art gallery here I feel I have just gotten back from the morning, I’m gonna go horseback riding again. Because I loved it so much today. So I will see you tomorrow hi honey from s aware of for sadly the last time ivy, and I are both really sad to leave. Because we’ve had such a great time here, and it’s such a great city this morning ivy is going to be doing a cooking class and, I’m going to be going back horseback riding again. So, I’m gonna do that, and then pretty much right after that we have to head back on a bus back to Marrakesh.

So a little sad to leave. But really really excited to go like bike riding again cuz I loved it so much yesterday hello I just got back from horseback riding and, I’m so happy right now I just feel. So exhilarated, and I was riding on the beach, and galloping, and the horses beautiful long Mane was flowing in the wind galloping in the midst of the waves, and and then we stopped, and had tea with these fishermen that kind of just live in the sand dunes, and they gave us tea, and then we read through ruins of a palace, and stopped there, and kind of explored the ruins I just feel right now like I just found a place where I don’t know just that I guess like people talk about when you travel, and you fall in love with a place, and it sounds very cliche. But um I just want to stay, and I want to live here, and I want to come back and, I’m going to Paris tomorrow that’s why I have to leave I’ve already booked my flight in my accommodation. But as much as I know I love Paris I kind of just want to stay here, and it’s definitely the first place that’s um made me feel this way, and very sad to leave. So sadly I am leaving as to where now. So have everything packed, and getting ready to go.

But uh definitely love it here, and we’re smack riding like that that I just came back from was not even just a highlight of my trip I think it was one of the best most free exhilarating moments of my life, and that sounds very dramatic. But I think it’s true it I just loved it. So much. So I wish I didn’t have to leave. But I do. So just got into my hotel for the night in Marrakech say goodbye to ivy which was sad. Because I really had a great time hanging out with her in Marrakech for one more night, and I have a early flight to Paris in the morning.

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