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Mwanza Travel on comatose drinker goes into respiratory failure. Alcohol poisoning is death by asphyxiation. A few drinks may make you drowsy, but they can also interrupt patterns of sleep. Over time heavy drinking can bring on brain and heart damage, gastritis, pancreatitis, anxiety, malnutrition. It can depress the immune system. Heavy drinkers show a higher incidence of throat cancers (they’re often heavy smokers likely a synergy at work). Depression is more often the result of heavy drinking than its cause. Mwanza Travel 2016.

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The AB, said Julian, had painted a different picture to the Federation. In his version, I had crept into his cabin while he was asleep and given him a savage beating while he lay helpless in his bunk, knocking out his teeth, giving him concussion and causing him on-going nightmares. I hooted when Julian told me this. Julian agreed it was ridiculous, but that was the story the AB had been telling the Federation. Julian said he had been asked by the company to go along and attend the hearing and put in a good word for me.

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