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The Van Gogh Museum is home to over 200 paintings by Vincent, one of the world’s most visited museums. Hey, you gotta kill time somehow between sessions. Japanese prints, which influenced the old ear-slicer, are also on display. Next-door is the home of The Stedelijk Museum, covering 1850 to the present. Considered one of the world’s leading museums of modern art, quite a diverse, confrontational collection. It’s hard to even type this nonsense with a straight face.

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Canal Sightseeing :

Don’t forget to do the canal tourist trip, nothing like cruising around town in filthy piss canal water. You can even do a solo pedal boat deal, or ride in a tourist boat. The canals freeze in the winter, watch the old lady’s expression when you pull out some skates and suggest your going to Amsterdam to skate. The ice is not that thick, try not to bring your window dates here.

Cycling :

The Netherlands is rightly known as ‘the land of bicycles’, as some 15 million Dutch people regularly travel by bicycle. It’s a huge social sport. and one of the easiest ways to get around, as well as the easiest way to get a hike stolen if that’s your gig. Bikes are available to rent at the train stations. A popular site for cycling is Vondelpark, west of Leidseplein. Detailed cycling maps (recommended) can be obtained for every province from local tourist information offices; as well as indicating cycling routes and tracks, the maps provide route descriptions and guides. Cycling lanes are recognizable by a round blue sign with a white bicycle in the middle. There’s a public planted forest called The Amsterdams Bos, which is great for jogging and hiking. Another great bike route is along the Amstel River, going south to Oude Kerk.

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