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Mures Travel on The reason may be what I have suggested, or lie in a state of society when in human relationships too the mother occupied the chief place, or be something as yet undiscovered.1 Whether or not we know the reason, the fact remains. Male spirits of fertility existed, but they were subordinate figures, satellites of the mother and no more. Fortunately we know much about the cults of Asia Minor, where the ancient religions were preserved and in some parts the influence of the Greeks was little felt. And in the figures of Kybele and Attis we can see surviving into classical times the sort of pair which may have existed in Greece and the islands also before Zeus appeared on the scene. Kybele is the dominating figure, and Attis is by no means on a level with her. He is only a youthful attendant who is passionately devoted to her service. Mures Travel 2016.

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