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Situated at around 1,600 meters above main sea level Munnar is one of the most picturesque hill stations located in the beautiful Indian state kerala in south india rewinding undulating paths lush green tea plantations gushing waterfalls, and quaint atmosphere make Munnar the ultimate destination for a peaceful relaxed, and rejuvenated holiday in the hills Namastey from Team world kuhmo it’s sorry time camel welcome to India Kumu series on our blog in this post we are gonna tell you top things to do, and places to visit in munnar make sure to comment a blog by hitting the red comment button on the bottom right corner of the screen, and then click the belly button next to it to get notified about our future post uploads thanks for subscribing now let’s begin oil turds pleasant climate Menard is an ideal holiday destination almost throughout the year December to February is considered the best time to visit Minar since the weather is pleasant, and one can indulge into adventure sports carry woollen clothing since the temperature drops in the evenings, and early mornings during March to May weather remains Pleasant making it a perfect time to enjoy sightseeing June to September is usually less crowded due to rains it’s the best time if you are looking for a peaceful romantic getaway carry raincoat, and umbrellas, and enjoy the beauty of Minar.

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That’s best during the season the nearest airport is the Cochin International Airport which is 110 kilometers away by Road from Cochin one can hire a cab to get to Minar there are quite a number of popular tourist spots in manoj such as the eco point for to point top station multiple tea dam, and many others which attract crazy tourists crowd in this post we are not gonna cover any of these. Because they are just too crowded, and one may not find them worth visiting it’s best to avoid these popular tourist destinations if you don’t want to spoil your vacation by getting stuck in traffic this post is for those looking for a relaxed, and rejuvenating experience in munnar we are gonna tell you top five things to do, and places to visit that will make a moon our trip a truly amazing one three days should be sufficient to explore the pristine natural beauty of moon our driving to Menard can be a lot of fun the route goes through the Western cards, and amid stick forests of animal.

I try go reserve, and blog by life century soon after crossing the century you will find yourself driving through their never-ending expanse of breathtaking views the winding road passes through sprawling verdant tea plantations with numerous streams flowing through them every curve on the road holds a breathtaking view you can stop the car at various places to soak in the abundant nature spread all around the chill in the breeze the low-flying clouds, and the sounds of various bird species combined with the spectacular views of greenery mountains, and valleys transports you to a magical dimension the drive to Minar itself is an experience, and a must to do activity with blind spots on every turn the journey can be quite harrowing a comfortable vehicle, and a trained driver is a must after a seven hours long drive we have fun movies the very beautiful moon our, and this is where we are going to spend our next two days talking about the weather valley you can tell by looking at the surroundings it’s extremely pleasant with just 20 degrees Celsius temperature, and treasuring happening around every now.

And then I just can’t wait to check in the resort, and explore this heaven choice of accomodation plays a very crucial role in any holiday at Munnar there are a number of plantation stays boutique hotels, and home stays the best accommodations in munnar are the once situated inside a tea estate far away from the main city, and popular tourist spots the biggest advantage of booking a room in these hotels is you can hop out any moment from your room to step into the lush tea gardens, and enjoy refreshing aroma of tea plants throughout the day the balconies, and windows usually face tea gardens, and valleys, and the spectacular views from the room itself reduces stress bringing about peace, and relaxation get old off a bicycle, and set off for a biking trip on the offbeat paths of Mannar that passed through the green flourishing tea estates riding on vast rolling hills started with tea plantations is an amazing activity not to be missed, I’m just coming back from five kilometer bicycle ride five or ten it was I think it was 20 it was I only know 30 kilometers right no II totally agree oh man after a day-long sightseeing return back to your room to enjoy.

The evening cup of tea, and snacks at the balcony listening to the sounds of cicadas that fill the ambience a walk through the narrow tracks of sprawling lush green tea plantations gives visitors a chance to check out the various flavors in the local varieties of tea leaves grown a number of workers can be often seen working in these states plucking tea leaves, and segregating them you can interact with them, and even help them out in plucking leaves while soaking in the sides, and aromas this one is called the Camellia sinensis there’s a street name only the tender leaves, and he’s like two leaves, and one. But we will only pluck only this this is called silver tips okay this is going for white tea okay white is the most expensive it’s like nine thousand rupees per kg.

But way what it is like it having the highest level of antioxidants, and is very good for it’s like its anti-aging currencies also there then it is good for digestion, and for the blood controlling the blood pressure if you are not staying in a resort which owns tea plantations then you may need permission of the plantation owner before entering the plantations though some open plantations can be entered without any permission if you just want to click some pictures approximately 38 kilometers from Munnar across the border in Tamil Nadu lies one of the best-kept secrets of this hill station the hills of Col Akuma lie about 7,000 130 feet above sea level the columella hills are home to the highest organic tea plantations in the world, and owned the region’s oldest tea factory established in 1930 alumina is situated in Taney district of tamil nadu, and is accessible only by Jeep due to bumpy road covering last 15 kilometers up the hill the drive to the rocks is bumpy, and challenging, and not so much fun specially for kids, and seniors you can however get down from the Jeep in between to soak in the scenic beauty of the tea gardens, and circled by majestic mountains, and feel the moist touch of mist, and take a lovely stroll on the pathways in the plantations it’s an experience in itself the trip colca malai is basically a full-day eight to nine our strip besides taking the jeep one can also track up to the hills on the top you can spend some time reading the cloud show did mountains slipping in, and out of the Mist.

And soak in the greenery, and pleasant aroma around don’t forget to sleep in a warm cup of tea available at a small tea stall before making your way back to your hotel room just nine kilometers away from Munnar is one of the most beautiful waterfalls the article waterfalls flanked on all sides by vast expanses of forest, and Hill the article waterfalls is one of the most scenic locations in Managua you can easily spend your day grab a cup of hot tea from the small tea shop near the Falls, and enjoys aromatic flavors while reading the magnificent panorama of cascading waters, and feel the cool breeze the waterfall is in its full glory chirring in just after monsoon. So these were our top five things to do in munnar that can easily be done in three days come to Manor to witness the gorgeous beauty of the sloping lush green tea plantations play off the mist, and fog gushing streams by the hillsides, and winding undulating paths it’s a must visit travel destination for every nature lover hope you enjoy reading this post, and found it useful give this post a big thumbs up leave us a comment, and comment our blog for more travel guides click on the following links to watch other posts from this blog, and we will catch you soon in our next post till then take care bye bye.

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