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With its beautiful valleys high majestic mountains, and sprawling tea gardens located at the western guards moon are in Kerala is one of the must visit places during the monsoon the hill station enjoys a favorable, and pleasant climate all year round.

But monsoon has its own story to narrate in the middle of July 2018 Camela, and I decided to make a second trip to this beautiful hill station this post is about our experience at the beautiful tea harvester hotel where we stayed for two nights keep reading Oh Oh located at a distance of around 4 90 kilometers from a house in Bangalore the long seven hours journey demanded an early morning drive. So we started at 5:00 a.m. and took the bangalore Salem Coimbatore munna route roads are good, and the route was scenic we took a couple of stopovers in between to enjoy the scenic views, and in around seven hours of each the hotel located about 10 kilometers away from the hustle, and bustle of munnar town the tea harvester is nestled bank in the middle of the tea gardens, and spice plantations the breathtaking setting of the hotel left us or stuck.

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But wait that was just the beginning the friendly staff welcomed us with a glass of fresh juice, and escorted us to the reception area tea house which was spacious clean, and beautiful the vaults were adorned with photo frames showcasing the history of manal from just being a rainforest to a world’s leading tea planter, and exporter the counter also has the classic tea flavors such as black tea green tea, and white tea on display after completing the check-in formalities we were escorted to our room which was on the third floor a narrow corridor overlooking the lush tea gardens in the front led us to the corner room which was spacious beautiful, and clean equipped with all the basic amenities one would probably need when away from home the room has wood paneling on the floor.

And is equipped with a huge bed, and two side tables, and soft lights the bed posts of a high-quality mattress clean, and beautiful linen sheets pillow covers, and curtains the room also has a television a coffee maker, and elmira, and two couches the view from the hotel is serene, and calm it offers a spectacular 180-degree view of the lush gritty gardens from the front lobby, and views of cardamom plantations tree, and valley from the spacious balcony behind every room you will also get to hear the sound of a small stream running through the trees from the balcony the bathroom was clean, and aesthetic equipped with all the contemporary toiletries since the hotel is new everything was sparkling clean, and very well maintained since it was already time for lunch we quickly unpacked, and headed towards the dining area tea trees sat on the top third floor besides offering stunning views of the plantation around the multi cuisine restaurant has quite a lot of greenery inside as well with a number of planters lined up on all three sides the pouring rains made the ambience cool, and refreshing the meal was delicious, and everything we had was fresh warm, and tasty just the way we like after lunch we took some rest in the evening the resort manager Tony took us for a plantation tour he provided us valuable insights into how tea is processed, and manufactured he also showed us the cardamom plantations, and informed us about the exotic species of flora, and fauna in wonder after the plantation tour it was time for a bicycle ride into the estate which was fun, and beautiful it was mist.

And fog all around with the sweet chirping of birds, and pleasant aroma on our return it was time for snack movie ordered peanut masala, and warm tea which we enjoyed from the balcony it was getting cold, and everything was soon covered with fog at 7:30 p.m. Tony had arranged a tea proving session for the guests at the restaurant the tea is hand-picked, and proved from the estate he also demonstrated viewing, and offered flavours viewed, and blended from Rose vanilla ginger, and cardamom at 9:00 p.m. tony was kind enough to arrange for a candlelit dinner for us food was once again delicious which we enjoyed to our hearts content Poston of event for a gentle walk in the rain followed which we call of the lights the next morning after breakfast we decided to visit the Kalu camilla hills the friendly guide Tony took us for a four-wheel drive up to the hills you can watch the koala Kumal Hills post for a detailed review after spending two beautiful days at manal, and experiencing a wonderful stay at the T harvester we checked out from the hotel on the third day, and made our way back to Bangalore the great things about the tea harvester are delicious food courteous, and friendly staff good hospitality, and the brilliantly designed architecture spacious, and well-maintained rooms offering picturesque view of the tea plantation that instantly soothes, and relaxes the senses tea harvester in munnar is a perfect package I hope you enjoy reading this post, and found the review useful give this post a big thumbs up share it with your friends, and let others also know about this beautiful hotel in munnar do comment the blog for our future post uploads, and thanks a lot for reading Oh.

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