Hey everyone, I’m finally going to London, I’m excited to see it whoo.

So pretty much it is about 8 o’clock, and we’re gonna catch the train, and you get there around 10:30, and we’re just gonna go dump our bags at the hotel, and go, and explore London we have a tour today we’re gonna be going muggle – ah yes, and we knew we had to do the tour when we got in contact with the company, and they said Aloha am more Stephen, and Jessie like yep we are sold. So we’re going on a muggle tour, and we’re going to see more. So we didn’t expect to see any Harry Potter stuff in Scotland okay we had pre-planned all the the English stuff. So I don’t know what to say that was a lot it just makes us look like the biggest Harry Potter fans. But yeah we need to jump in the car now, and then yeah bye bye we catching these trains. Because we don’t have to worry, I’ll tables a mess. But clearest just got served that looks.


So good we’re in London now on all the way the people follow the crowd we’ve just arrived, and I noticed the first theater is playing Jess’s favorite Christmas movie give it a musical version all right the luncheon is now we have our oyster Cod we worked out how to use the tube we’ve arrived at our destination now we just got to work out how to get to our part of town which is being a little bit difficult. Because I know there’s a lot of roads around there’s already red bus behind you very London alright we’ve now checked into our hotel, and we’re currently uploading a post before we leave which is meant to come up like every day I know we’ve just been having trouble with the internet we have to wait 45 minutes in the hotel lobby entertain me entertain me I wanna go see London what was that you entertaining you. But yeah we got this pretty much got this thing called like an oyster coloristic art, and the reason we got of is. Because we need like an all-day the transport past today for the tour we’re doing, and also to get us to the hotel without walking. But it’s like half the prices if you just find all ticket. So it was like 650 pounds six pounds fifty which is still pretty expensive for a day yeah. But we’re gonna use heaps today to make sure it’s worth it yeah.

Because we’re not in London tomorrow we actually go somewhere new tomorrow. So we’re gonna try see as much as possible in London today yeah come on baby download alrighty we’re gonna go out, and explore some condoms the first stop is opposed Big Ben yes, and our tour starts in about a couple hours. So we’re gonna go to Big Bear, and then we meet at the London Bridge. So, I’m gonna see as much as we can in the next couple of hours, and then yes to a building it was just by itself the goal it’s really pretty. So in a place called Parliament Square in Westminster, and we can pretty much see like the Big Ben Westminster Abbey we’ve got some Parliament Buildings we see the London Eye. So just gonna hang around here walk around, and get some photos it’s a very beautiful area, and it’s really well-kept like I can’t believe how beautiful the Big Bend looks I had no idea that all the gold on there, and just like all the grasses kept it’s it’s a really beautiful area too the building were walking next to is like Parliament houses. So you got like Queen Elizabeth tower, and then of course we got like the Big Bend towel over there there’s really just a part of the same building, and then Westminster Abbey is to the left of us it’s Diana do you know this oh I don’t even heard someone is who have you been to London before no help us the building attached to the Big Bear.

So what the London Eye just behind us probably the world’s most famous ferris wheel. But is this really. So cool just being yeah, and then we just turn around Big Ben says it’s actually a really awesome area to go to. But there’s such iconic buildings around we’re just going to go back on the underground then head towards London Bridge where our tours gonna start we are going to go over there bit earlier we’re just gonna go for absolutely first we’re getting pretty hungry right through what you are. But there is a lot of gloss on that building this is some lunch, and then we’re looking after our to a guy there’s a sir guy with a hairy put a t-shirt on in her put a scarf on, and I was like, I’m guessing this is our guy. So, I’m gonna go over now that I apologize for it’s a very Harry Potter field nerdy something twice down this road while, I’m down this road we just watched through an area where they posted the third Ruby the leafy children is literally right there, and the night bus drives through here if you remember that instead of moving your Fez okay after three opening the beam work together. So we’re now back at Westminster where we were before not that long ago, and of course.

Because we’re in London so much of it was posted in London they posted a scene yeah. So it’s in the fifth movie Harry has to go to the ministry too. Because he’s getting expelled, and literally just there the third one he goes through oh yeah seeing how to see tell me is kind of cool this so much of it was posted in London. So you just pretty much walk around the city, and just be walking around the sitting there the speeches random locations quick pause on the tour that’s where the Prime Minister lives the architecture of these government buildings is so beautiful all the coloring of the star adding some more like cool places with visiting. So this is Scotland Yard which is the old police force for London, and of course double nod from Sherlock Sherlock Holmes, and also once the police force moved out a little agency called mi6 moved in which you guys might know would you guys might know as the the agency upon what force getting actually little movie additions to our Harry Potter tour, and at the end of Skyfall he’s kind of standing there the final shot of the movie see, I’m just getting all these extra stuff added in which is always interesting. Because we love our movie choice it’s the Diagon Alley I think this is at least the inspiration for Diagon Alley oh you can get your elves we were wrong not turn le not Diagon Alley.

But close close your eyes okay guys I’ve got magic mice keep your hands close, and open your eyes, and after three when I say to get back to three you’re gonna open your hand, and say expelliarmus one two three I think we are all officially very put it out Stephen is officially a wizard, I’m gonna go head out to Jakarta square now sing it to. So close before she can get into my room, and then probably heading out sings when you have one day here in London you were away we just got to our hotel and, I’m exhausted we did so much walking today my Vina hurt doesn’t feel like we’re going to London I know what’s the time now like seven insulin seven o’clock well tomorrow it’s his birthday yay, and for his birthday moving on to Paris. So tomorrow I know a way London for long do you guys know what happened we have to come back later. So we here for London just today. But tomorrow we’re catching a bus a seven-hour bus ride to Paris, I’m gonna be spending four days in Paris for his birthday which it’s gonna be real good I’ve always wanted to see Paris always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower, and we have some fun things planned this instead of that yes we have a view oh yes on the London all right. But otherwise we are pooped I think we just can I have something to eat, and then go to sleep we’re going to just contain the post sorry about this very quick day in London. But yes we’re off to Paris tomorrow thanks so much for reading guys.

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